Carp fishing tackle check list

I don’t know if you are like me but I can be very forgetful, and there is nothing worse than leaving some important piece of kit at home.

As a photojournalist it was a stackable offence to forget an item of equipment. I well remember a colleague of mine, who shall remain nameless, who set off for the first Gulf War without his camera bag.

So what is the solution for all you scatterbrains out there? Simple, write out check lists!

I’ve divided these into categories but as everybody’s gear is different I suggest you go through each bag, list all the tackle items and tick everything off before leaving .

So here are my various Check Lists. They are not extensive as I try to minimise my gear when I go fishing, even on a week long trip. I’m not going to include cooking equipment and photography gear here, just what I need to catch fish.

Check Lists: 

Rod Bag:

  • 4x 3lb 12ft Bruce Ashby Mirage Rods (three made up), equipped with 3x Shimano Biomaster Reels
  • 1x 4.75lb Fox Spod Rod plus 1x Daiwa Emblem reel
  • 1x 2.75lb Marker rod, 1x Daiwa Emblem Reel
  • 2x Free Spirit landing nets.
  • 1x Zip type Weigh Sling
  • 1x Cobra Bait Stick
  • 1x Gardner Rodpod (only when the use of  banksticks are not possible)
  • 4x Nash storm poles

Buzzer Bag

  • 4x Fox SXV buzzers
  • 2x Three rod goal post stainless style buzz bars
  • 2x Solar four rod goal post stainless style buzz bars
  • 8x Solar stainless banksticks
  • 4x Solar Hangers, plus swinger adapters

Tackle Bag

  • 1x Fox Tackle box with hooklink material and small bits of tackle, needles, PVA tape, bags, funnel web etc.
  • 2x Rig wallets, with various rig making stuff, hooks, swivel, Korda clips, braid, leadcore etc…
  • 1x Set of 120lb Weigh Master scales
  • 3x Catapults
  • 2x Reel pouches with spare reels and spools
  • 1x box of spods
  • 1x Lead weight Pouch :with various shapes and sizes of lead weight.
  • 1x Towel
  • 1x Small bivvy table
  • 2x Petzl Headlamps
  • 1x Maglite
  • Several packets of Batteries.
  • Spare spool of nylon 12lb Nash bullet1x Small transistor radio.
  • 2x Carp Sacks (Only very rarely used, and only where allowed)
  • 1x Swiss army knife
  • 1x Leatherman Multi tool.
  • Pouch with Mozzie cream, Sun cream etc 

Various Tackle

  • 1x Chub Cassien Bed chair
  • 1x Level Chair
  • 1x JRC Stealth Brolly system
  • 1x Wychwood Sleeping bag+pillow
  • 1x Trakker Gortex Cover
  • 1x Large unhooking mat


2 thoughts on “Carp fishing tackle check list

  1. PeterJ says:

    Thats a lot of equipment!! You take more out in one trip than I actually own.


  2. Craig says:

    I’ve nowhere near this amount of tackle!

    **Time to save up!*

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