The History Behind…. Villefond’s ‘Slate Grey’

With the capture of Slate Grey last week I have decided to delve into my archives once again to give you a little bit of history on this mighty old warrior. 

Slate Grey got her name quite obviously from her grey colour which coupled with her massive size makes her an easily recognisable fish. Another feature I use for identification is the flat edge on her lower tail lobe.

Slate grey was actually the very first fish caught from Villefond under the Lamberts management and I was the lucky angler who caught her on that occasion. She weighed 29lb 8oz and was my first fish of a 30+ fish haul that opening week.

The History of Villefond's Big Carp

Slate Grey being stocked into Villefond in the winter of 2007

the history of Villefond's big carp

The first fish caught from Villefond at 29lb 8oz by myself in 2008

By the time she visited the bank again in May 2010 she was already over 40lb, 40lb 8oz to be exact and had shown an amazing growth rate. For the next few years she became a main stay on the 40’s list but never went heavier than 45lb (which was in April 2012). She was not however destined to remain a mid 40 for ever. In June 2013 she joined the 50+ list when she was banked at 51lb.

She has gone on to become a P.B for many anglers over the last few months including Lake Owner John Lambert who caught her at 51lb in January 2014. She continues to go from strength to strength and lasts weeks capture saw her biggest weight to date at 53lb 2oz.

Slate Grey is a proper old Villefond warrior and a fish I’d dearly like to get my hands on again one day.

Thanks for reading,
Rob Inns

The history behind Villefond's big carp

Her first time over 50lb, June 2013 at 51lb

The history behind Villefond's big french carp

The most recent capture at 53lb 2oz – April 2014

Villefond french carp fishing

53lb 2oz – April 2014

For more information on Villefond follow the link – Carp Fishing in France


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