Grass Carp Spawning

Went down to see how our anglers were getting on yesterday afternoon and had the pleasure of watching Bill bring a stunning Grass Carp in to the bank. Bill had said at the start of the week that he’d never caught one before and would really love to hook into one of our Grassies. Your wish is our command Bill! 😉

What was even more exciting / interesting to us was the sight of ‘milt’ coming from the feisty male on the mat. We were under the impression that the Grass Carp had all been irradiated to make them infertile. Looking back across the lake to all the commotion and swishing of tails, it was quite clear what was going on over there. Having had all the other species of carp finish their spawning weeks ago, it hadn’t occurred to us that that’s what the behaviour was at first.  
Just to be clear, spawning is water temperature dependant and is different for most breeds of fish. For the common carp spawning occurs when the water temperature reaches between 17-18˚C whereas for the Grassies it has to be a lot warmer, more like 25-30˚C, so the two will never interbreed.
grass carp spawning

Bill’s grassie

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