Carp Bait – Shelf Life or Fresh Frozen?

With spring almost upon us, more and more of us will be thinking of, or actually booking a French carping holiday. The question of what bait then comes into the equation and for a lot of anglers the biggest question can be shelf life or fresh frozen? It really is a big ‘leap of faith’ […]

Ramblings of a Carp Angler – Ways to create a bed of bait

Baiting strategies can either make or ruin a carp angling session. How should I go about creating the perfect carp restaurant? There are a few tried and trusted methods to create a baited area which I’ll explain below. The first that I shall talk about is the main one that most anglers travelling to France […]

How to Prepare Tiger Nuts For Carp Fishing

Tiger Nuts have been used by anglers for many years and are one of the most well known baits for fishing. Join Hinders experts Kev Hewitt and Bryan Jarrett as they go through a step by step guide on how to safely prepare Tiger Nuts as well as sharing their top tips on using this […]

Ramblings of a Carp Angler – The Secret to Preserving Bait

I’ve been using an assortment of shelf life and frozen baits well before becoming a bait consultant for Quality Baits. Despite the success I’ve had with the shelf life baits I still favour frozen baits over all and here is why. As we all know one of the main problems with frozen baits is its deterioration […]

3 Top Tips on Bait

The guys from Solar Tackle give you their top 3 baiting tips… Tip 1 – Packing your boilies with attraction is a great way to get your baited area noticed quicker, and visited more often, than the guy in the next swim. By soaking your baits in a proven, amino liquid such as Solar’s Marine 17, […]

How to Enhance your Pellets for Fishing

Trout Pellets have been used in fishing for over thirty years and are used regularly by thousands of anglers. Bryan and Kev from Hinders go through an easy to follow step by step guide on how to use pellets for your fishing.  

Ramblings of a Carp Angler – Plastic Baits

Paul Cooper discusses issues around the safety of plastic artificial baits… I first came across Plastic baits when I was fishing on the Mangrove with Shaun Harrison. Shaun was knocking the stuffing out of the carp, catching on every trip that he made on a fairly challenging lake. During mid-season he let me into his secret! […]

Keep Ringing the Changes – Winter Carp Fishing

Jimmy Greaves famously said “Football is a funny old game” and those words could so well have been pointed towards carp angling.  Winter carping in particular can be a prime example for throwing up unpredictable outcomes during those long dark winter months. I love my winter angling, always have. I have tried to analyse this […]

Alternative Hookbaits

With having a bit of time off over Christmas I’ve been able to get stuck into planning for my next French holidays, one in April for fishing and one hopefully in February for a short city break. The April trip was booked early last year for Sapphire, however due to unforeseen circumstances we’ve had a […]

Boilie Paste – An Essential Item

One of the essential items in my bait bag is boilie paste. This method is extremely effective at any time of the year but becomes even more important as temperatures fall and the fish become less inclined to feed. Anything I can do to attract carp and stimulate a feeding response has got to be […]

Confidence Is The Key

This year has been a difficult year at most fisheries in both England and France. The long warm sunny period that we have just seen, has encouraged massive weed growths on lots of lakes along with huge algae blooms… This certainly has effected catch rates on these effected waters and bait presentation has become difficult […]

How to Catch Carp 3 – Baiting Tactics

Following his hugely popular video on slack lines and running rigs, Duncan de Gruchy is back with a follow up.  This time Duncan reveals his baiting tactics. If you have missed ‘How to Catch Carp in France 1 and 2’ you can go straight to them here: Part 1 – Slack Lines and Running Rigs […]

Buying Particle Baits in France

Translation to help with particle baits… Most Angling Lines venues will be happy to prepare particles for you and then have them waiting for you when you arrive, as I do here at Bletiere.  but  if your booked venue doesn’t offer this service then this will help you buy particle baits in the shops over […]

Why Shelf Life Boilies?

This article first appeared on the Quest Baits Blog & is reproduced with kind permission I thought I would add this little email correspondence which has gone on to-day and is so typical of so many other ones I have most weeks. It is regarding our ‘special way’ of producing shelf life boilies which definitely […]

Getting carp bait out there!

There’s no easy way to get your chosen boilie out, no matter what the size or shape, unless you use some of the following. Throwing Stick These come in variable sizes and diameter depending on the brand you use.  I find that a throwing stick gives me a better spread pattern of round bait for […]

Customised Hook Baits for Carp

This post first appeared on the Quest Baits Blog & is reproduced with kind permission.  Last week I posted a catch report to our website and mentioned that I had caught the fish on an ultra light aerodynamic home made long range pop-up. This has caused a fair bit of interest with anglers asking me how they […]

Which is the best boilie flavour at which time of the year?

Readers Question;  Hi all, I started making my own boilies, but a bit confused at to which flavours to use at which time of year.  One person told me fish flavours in winter and frutti in summer, then someone else told me the opposite. Any suggestions welcome. Mike Hi Mike, The actual flavour has little […]

Set in Stone… I Don’t think So! Part 2 – Bait

When Fred Wilton made public his HNV bait theory it had its doubters and still does to this day. It was pure genius and so far ahead of its time but was ultimately perfect for the time. Fred had no doubts that he was right and if he did I am pretty sure they vanished […]

Too Much Bait Left in Swim – What Would You Do?

Readers Question; ‘If you arrived at a lake and found that the previous anglers, for whatever reason, had either dumped lots of particle because they had it left over, or just used an enormous amount of pellet or particle as their tactics – what would you do?’ Jim Kelly replies; It is always difficult to […]