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This article first appeared on the Quest Baits Blog & is reproduced with kind permission

I thought I would add this little email correspondence which has gone on to-day and is so typical of so many other ones I have most weeks. It is regarding our ‘special way’ of producing shelf life boilies which definitely shouldn’t be confused with other companies shelf life methods.

Shaun Harrison.


Good Afternoon

I’ve been looking at the Magnum White boilie for fishing from now into the winter on a local syndicate. Having a few issues with the crays but hoping to get past them.

Is the Magnum White only available in shelf life as I cannot select freezer on the web site

Thanks, Matthew


Hi Matt,

Magnum White has only ever been produced in the shelf life version. There really is no need for freezer baits with some ingredients. Remember we don’t use preservatives in our shelf life baits.

All of the catches you see with Magnum White have been made on baits produced to our rather special shelf life method.

The annual Carpology ‘Big Tank Test’ where the carp show which bait they (the carp) prefer to eat was won this year with our Magnum White. Last year we beat all the other bait companies brave enough to submit their baits for a public test with our Ghurkka Spice. Again it was the shelf life version of Ghurkka Spice we submitted despite producing some of the Ghurkka Spice in a freezer bait form we knew it would work no better than the shelf life baits we produce. It is a big confidence thing I guess not helped by a lot of the preservative filled shelf life baits offered by a lot of other bait companies that the carp simply don’t like the taste of at the side of their freezer versions.

It is now several years since I last used a freezer bait preferring the stability of our special shelf life method of producing long life boilies.

Hope the above helps

Best fishes, Shaun



Thank you for the response

This may seem a daft question but what about pre baiting  with shelf life boilies such as this?


Hi Matt,

I’d say better because they last a little longer in palatability if the fish don’t find them or aren’t inclined to feed straight away.

Ignore the words ‘shelf life’ and just call them boilies.

Originally I called them long life baits as all I had actually done was give them a longer more stabilised life rather than preserve them. I didn’t want to use the shelf life words as I knew they would straight away be interpreted as being very dry and preservative filled baits because of what had been offered by the bait companies in the past. I actually made the Ghurkka Spice very soft (how I prefer baits) just to prove it could be done with a shelf life type bait.

Problem was I spent all day trying to explain the difference between my terminology of shelf life and my terminology of long life. Once I called them shelf life I saved myself several hours a week.

To prove we simply stabilise our baits and slow the ‘going off’ process right down – thus ‘long life baits’ you can do an experiment with them and get them to go mouldy quite quickly. Simply leave a bag standing in the sun and let them sweat up. This will start the breaking down process almost as quickly as any freezer bait. Some ingredients we can’t use with our methods but lots we can. It is all about understanding what you are working with.

Best wishes, Shaun

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