New Avid Safeguard XL Carp cradles for Molyneux

Carp cot

We have this last week had a delivery of Avid safeguard XL cradles for use around Molyneux. Before making my decision I looked at many different makes and types of unhooking mats. I truly believe these are the best out there at the moment with regard to ease of use and fish welfare and our fish and anglers deserve the very best.

I am also in the process of ordering some weigh slings for the start of next season. With large well padded mats taking up so much space in the car and hopefully smelling of carp on the return we thought it was something else we could offer which would make the anglers that visit us life’s a little easier.

If Carlsberg made carp lakes……………

For more information on Molyneux follow the link – French Carp Lakes


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