Surface fishing for carp

How can you really get the best carp fishing results when things really hot up? How many anglers have not yet savored the joy of summer carp fishing and all the great opportunities and experiences of great catches, that summer brings? Why miss out on the action!

Surface fishing is possibly your favorite method of all. Actually watching the movements of the fish you are about to hook is so exciting! The subject of surface bait silhouettes, shading and colors are interesting, as is the ability of your bait to move in as natural a way as possible and obscuring of the hook too.
Plastic baits are available flavored now and some can be made to glow in the dark too. It’s not really surprising that baits such as ‘glowing’ artificial corn can be as effective in day time as in the dark. When used in conjunction with other baits like pellets, boilies, particles etc to enhance the carp’s attentions they do demonstrate a proven edge. Plastic baits are great for simultaneously offsetting the weight of your hook, and changing the behaviour of your rig too.

Floating corn is fairly new to the scene in the UK as is giant corn. Pink and white marshmallows are a good sweet alternatives. The variety of multicoloured floating candies that can be exploited is amazing. For those of you more natural bait oriented air injected worms of different types, dipped in additives can really work well, although the ethics may need considering here…

Using large quantities of floating maggots and casters on the surface can be devastating and on waters where this has already been done, the flavoured bait sprays can be a great edge too.

Floating fish pellets of many types from pond sticks and pellets to floating salmon pellets etc, have always worked well. Using tiny floating pellets soaked in additives is another edge where standard sized dog biscuits have been over-used in the past. Just as with bottom baits, it pays to mix different sizes, colours, flavours, oil contents, weights etc together, to confuse your carp. Even spotting your own hook bait can be impossible when using this approach!

In very hot weather, adding cork or foam etc to float any sinking type bait, including any boilie is good, especially if that boilie used is the dominant catching one that water at the time. Making a homemade buoyant base mix and simply rolling it flat and chopping into small pieces, then air-drying these pieces is a great alternative. You can pack them full of your chosen attractors and go fishing extremely confident indeed!

Feeding lots of these tiny bait pieces in your swim over a reasonable period of hours can make carp go crazy for sure, even better than using dog mixers on pressured waters… A competitively feeding big carp is easier to catch, but achieving multiple competitively feeding big carp in your swim is far better!

In extremely hot summer conditions, do bear in mind conditions. Cover-up against the sun. Sun block is not enough, heat induced headaches and sun stroke and even dehydration are not pleasant while fishing! So if you’re new to hot weather carp fishing, be prepared to take plenty of water and equipment to make your own shade if needed. A ‘bivvy’ can turn from shade into a baking oven, leaving you nicely roasted and feeling quite ill in very hot conditions. Even that cool box of beer may not save you!

Please remember though, if you’re hot, then any fish you land certainly will be also. De-oxygenated water, contact with a hot carp mat (even when watered down) and simple stress from handling, can easily induce shock in more weakened fish. These may be spawn bound, or in post spawning recovery. Many spawn bound fish are likely to be very big, and very vulnerable and perhaps some of the biggest residents of your water.

Especially at times directly after or between spawning, many big fish are very susceptible to being caught, being ravenous and energy depleted. But they are most at risk of suffering from shock when caught and in the case of high density stocked very small waters with little shade, this can be lethal. Please be prepared not to fish if this could be a risk! (If the forecast is 90 degrees perhaps it’s best to head for the beach and not that small commercial lake!)

Just as a side note, especially in the UK, if you fish a small commercial lake with a high fish stocking with no oxygenating weed or pump and fish behaviour and catches indicate that severe de-oxygenation of the water is taking place, take action. Insist that a pump is installed and turned on. I fished one water where the pumps were not in use which led to an easily avoidable big fish death. (It’s no good having ‘emergency pumps’ if they’re not in use when obviously needed; it takes time to re-oxygenate a water!) So please make management responsible especially if the water has a record of fish wipe-outs due to de-oxygenation!

The author has many more fishing and bait ‘edges’ up his sleeve. Every single one can have a huge impact on catches. (Warning: This article is protected by copyright.)

By Tim Richardson.

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