Clearing Dead Trees from the Island at Molyneux

As those of you lucky enough to have visited Molyneux will know the clearing the dead trees from large Island was one of the major tasks I had set myself this year. It has sadly been left to grow wild over a number of years. It is over run with brambles, and the trees have suffered as a result. Many of the trees have died as a result of having not enough light or room to grow. I decided that this autumn when we had no guests on I would start the mammoth clearance job needed to try to improve the overall look and at the same time try to enhance new growth where we could.

Helen and I started this project yesterday, I cut down a number of trees and today we commenced the clearing of these. It was not possible due to their size to drag them across to the mainland as planned so we decided to chop them up where they were, and burn them in situ.

Here are a few pics of our days work

French Carp Lakes – Molyneux


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