A Complete Guide To Fullys Lake – Carp Fishing France

Here we have a complete guide to the features and swims at Fullys Lake, a 26 acre French gravel pit home to around 550 carp into the high fifties.

The many scaley carp residing here are the jewels in the crown and why this is some of the most unique carp fishing France has to offer.

In this article we will cover all six of the swims and the main features, let’s begin…

Fullys Carp Fishing Lake in France
An aerial view of Fullys Lake

Swim 1 at Fullys Lake

Swim 1 is located on the northwest face of the waterfront, just across the island. A large fishing area is offered to you, with the tip of the island just under 60m from the swim. There are a multitude of interesting features (margins, trays, deep pockets, gravel pockets, weedy areas etc).

The deepest area of the lake accessed by this swim, it’s up to you to find it by searching. Average depth of 2.5m-2.8m (variable depending on season and water levels), up to 4m in winter.

Double post, ideal for two anglers. Note that the photo is from a few years ago, trees have been planted and grown a lot since then.

Swim 1 on Fullys Lake in France
Swim 1, a double swim, fishing area indicated by orange line

Swim 2

Swim 2 is on the northeast face of the water level on the other side of the inlet. This post is very nice and relaxing, with a large field behind the forest which allows you to enjoy the quiet surrounding.

In terms of the water you can access, you have a large area with many spots in the middle. This includes some nice plateaus to find, deep pockets and gravel, also some pretty spots along the wooded edge. There is also a nice little bay on the right of the swim.

Don’t especially look to fish far out, fish come to feed at a reasonable distance.

To note that it is important to respect the fishing area, especially on the left side of the swim in order not to interfere with swim 3 if you have a neighbour.

Average depth: 2.2m to 2.8m (variable by season and water levels).

This is a single swim but can fit two anglers on the swim area if you reserve swims 2 and 3 together.

Swim 2 on Fullys Carp Lake in France
Swim 2 – a single swim but one that can fit two anglers if you book swims 2 & 3 together

The Cliff at Fullys Lake

Marking the fishing areas of swims 1 and 2, the cliff owes its name to its topography. Indeed, this tip is higher than the water level, offering a pretty nice view of the gravel. The fish like to visit the foot of the break and often the little bay just behind it (next to swim 2).

The cliff at Fullys Lake France
The Cliff

Swim 3

Nestled on a forest’s edge, at the bottom of the lake, swim 3 is truly relaxing with the setting it offers. Beyond that, fishing is very interesting, with spots on the edge especially on the left and right of the swims, area that the fish visit often. There are also some very pretty spots in the middle of the water to be found.

This is an ideal position for an angler who likes to practice discreet fishing at a moderate range. The average depth varies from 2m to 2.80m in this area (but this is variable depending on seasons).

Swim 3 is a single swim.

Swim 3 at Fullys Carp Fishing Lake in France
Swim 3, a single swim

Swim 4

Located on the southeast side, this swim offers great fishing with plenty of possibilities! Indeed to the right of the post is a small bay where the fish like to visit, but also nice margins to the left or right with trees in the water.

In open water there are beautiful spots of gravel and sand along with a few deep pockets. If you look closely at the picture you can see these clean spots are not far from the swim, offering short casts.

Swim 4 is a single swim, but with plenty of room for two anglers if your group is booking the lake exclusively.

Average depth varies from 1.5 to 2.2m in this area (however this is variable depending on seasons).

The fishing area to be respected is shown in the image by orange lines. It is imperative not to go over distances, so as not to get in trouble with swim 3 in front of you.

Fullys Lake France Swim 4
Swim 4, a single swim

The Island at Fullys Lake

As in all bodies of water with one or more islands, fishermen pay special attention. There are many of you who want to fish swims 1 and 6 to be able to put one of your rods on the edge of the island.

It is true the island is interesting to fish and offers some nice spots, however, even if it remains a key area you should never neglect open water.

The Island at Fullys Carp Lake France
The Island at Fullys Lake, reachable from swims 1 and 6

Swim 5

Swim 5 is in the centre of the south bank. This post offers a great deep water fishing area in which you can find nice spots, also gravel and plateaus as well.

If you like to exploit the margins not far from you then you should try a rod there for sure.

The average depth varies from 2m to 2.4m (seasonally variable).

Swim 5 is a single swim. The fishing area to be respected is marked by the yellow lines in the photo. It is imperative to respect this area so as not to bother with neighbouring swims.

Swim 5

Swim 6 at Fullys Lake

And so we finish our tour with 6th and final post. Only 6 posts on the 11 hectares of water, therefore allowing our fishermen a comfortable fishing area. This also limits pressure and therefore the stress this can cause on the fish. There is a maximum capacity of 8 fishermen at the same time.

It’s a swim with a consistent water surface to exploit, quite a few very pretty spots in the middle of the water, plateaus and margins that the fish visit daily, as well as the island at a good distance.

You don’t always have to fish far out, because the fish pass close to the edge. We proved it at the beginning of the year with a beautiful carp caught just 4m in front of the swim.

The average depth over this area is about 2.5m to 2.8m (varying depending on the seasons).

This is a double swim with plenty of space to bivvy up.

Swim 6, a double swim

So, that was our guide to the lake. You can find out much more about the lake, read angler catch reports and check availability over on our website – Carp Fishing France at Fullys Lake

You can also check out all of our useful articles on carp fishing tactics and watercraft here.


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