Disabled anglers fishing platform

From the Reels on Wheels blog;

As everyone involved with angling for the less able will know finding a fishery with platforms that are usable for everyone can be a big headache, so with this in mind I (on behalf of Reels On Wheels) have been working on a solution.

This is what I have come up with, it is a portable platform with all the attachments that you would normally find on a seat box, but it is designed to be used from a wheelchair. With adjustable legs and width adjustment it can be used on almost any bank even when the ground isn’t anywhere near level and in any chair. It packs down into a holdall about 75cm long and is light enough to be carried easily by anyone.

We have been field testing it over the summer and Julz has fished from it several times and everyone who has seen it thinks it is a wonderful piece of kit.

We have not announced this earlier as we have been waiting for it to be registered with the patent office and we received our registration number this morning it is 4012326.

We will now be looking into getting it manufactured ourselves or getting on board with a tackle or seat box manufacturer so that it will become readily available to all that need it.

We not only hope that many people will find this a great piece of equipment but that fisheries who have problems with accessible swims will invest in one or two of them to allow chair users to fish as many swims as possible.


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