Disappearing in mud at Bletiere carp lake!

Mud, glorious mud at Bletiere!

A lot of our previous visitors have asked me to keep updating the site with the latest news on the swim improvements here at Bletiere, so as promised here goes;
Well, I’m afraid I have to report it’s turned into a bit of a disaster at the moment as you’ll see from the photo.
I really have to take the blame on this one, try as I might I can’t point the finger at Leslie.  Against best advice I started the work before Christmas.  Then of course we had the snow and as it’s thawed out the water collected in the swim.  I then tried to move the digger and of course it sunk in the mud!
This is another lesson learnt for me and a mistake I will not make again… in future I’ll always remember that mud and diggers don’t go well together!
If it does not dry up soon I will go to the farmer next door and ask him to come and pull the crazy Englishman out the mud again!  Hey ho…
Will keep you all updated (if I don’t sink out of sight!)
Best wishes, John and Lesley.


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