Early Spring session at Berniere Lake

Early spring session for David, Berniere’s bailiff, where he had to face every bad weather situation possible : snow, frost, rain and a storm. Not ideal in the slightest.

The water temperature was at a mere 10°C, however David did managed to catch seven fish and a massive 48lb mirror carp ! What a great session considering the conditions using his favorite boilies: the Mulberry Nuts.

The beautiful sunny French days are just around the corner, let’s see what the lake has in store for this season’s anglers. See you at the water’s edge !

About the lake

The crystal clear waters of 27 acre gravel pit Berniere hold plenty of very impressive big carp to over 60lb. Berniere strikes the perfect balance between being a big natural lake that doesn’t feel overly commercial, but still provides a warm welcome with comfortable swims and facilities. 

This is a beautiful lake packed full of features that will keep anglers on their toes, but the effort is well worth it.

There are availabilities for this year !

For more information about Berniere and its availabilities follow the link – Fishing Holidays


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