Evaro – First Session on a New French Carp Lake

A June session for lake bailiff Mark resulted in some stunning carp to 35lb on the beautiful gravel pit, Evaro, a new French carp lake open to anglers for the first time in 2021. Here’s the report….

I’ve come to have a bit of a test fish this week before the next anglers arrive on Saturday.

I placed myself on peg 3 due to nothing else than I wanted to have shade most of the day. Its been 30 degrees since I got here on Sunday.

On placing the boat out to explore the bottom I found myself placing my right rod on a bar around 90m out. Middle rod on the slop of a hump just after a weed bed. Left rod in the margin where I was watching fish on arrival.

The lake is packed full of features, bars, gravel humps, some weed, deeper areas around 8 metres and loads of sold clear gravelly margins around 2m deep.

Rig selection was easy for me, a supple blow back rig in gravel color.

Bait was also simple our lake plum and lake pellets.

Bait choice for a new french carp lake
Bait choice

They have not been spawning for over a week so I have put a fair bit of bait out 5kg on each rod and same after every take.

Up to now i’ve had 7 fish to just over 16kg.

I think the females have not come on to feed much. All but 1 fish have been males. If you are coming to the lake take your time to have a look in your margins and watch for showing fish (seen lots of shows over the past couple of days)

The weed in the lake is very brittle and fish come though it with no problem on the fight.


Find out more about Evaro here – Carp Fishing in France


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