Filming the TF Gear Carp Fishing DVD

Linear complex in Oxford is the scene for the new TF Gear carp fishing DVD. The DVD will be available free on the front cover of next months Total Carp Magazine.

With most fishing dvd’s there seems to be some amounts of trickery involved, If you do you watch the disk, which will be on the front of the June Total Carp issue, look out for the takes while we are actually filming other stuff, or sitting by the carp fishing gear chatting as these are genuine takes and not mocked up for the camera.

Angling on camera can be daunting, and catching fish for the camera man is always a fraught affair. If conditions aren’t right or the fish just aren’t feeding things can be tough and your planned recording session can be useless. Filming was booked for the end of the bank holiday weekend in May, but in reality this could have been a big problem as the lakes were packed with day trippers, dog walkers and fishermen. Luckily we’d booked the peg and most of the public activity was opposite, a lot of time and money could have been wasted but everything fell into place nicely.

Sitting on the bank with a film crew can put pressure on your fishing but luckily the crew let me get on with my own thing, baiting up, casting out and finding the fish – they soon came. I won’t go into too much detail and ruin the DVD but the whole session went really well and, on the second day the fish got up in the water and started moving around a bit which gave me the opportunity for a bit of zig fishing as well.

Check out the TF Gear DVD to view the rest.


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