Fish ‘n’ Chips at Notaires

Size of the RFID chip

We have initiated a programme to chip our fish in the Notaires lakes using tiny injectable RFID chips. This is partly as theft deterrent but mainly as a management tool. There is a saying that if you can’t measure it, then you can’t manage it.

Fish Tracking App

The App

We have started the chipping on a progressive basis. Rather than netting all the fish, we are chipping them as they are caught,  starting with the larger or more notable fish. If you like, on capturing a fish that we then tag, you can be the person to name that fish. The name will then be recorded in the database.

I’ve written a small app for mobiles so that you can look up the history of any tagged fish you catch at the lakeside. It displays the id, name, capture dates, the weight and some photographs. The address of the app will be made available after you book your fishing holiday with us.

Fishing Holidays at Notaires


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