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Paul in the Double Swim on his March 2011 Session


I read your article on your March session on Molyneux and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been let down over recent weeks by my mates on a trip to France, so I still wanted to go on my own. I have been with Angling lines a few times and I am thoroughly excited by fishing Molyneux.

I am booked on 16th March 2013 for one week (booked it yesterday).

The feedback looks spot on the venue seems incredible. One common occurrence is how nice the owners are and how much Wally trys his best to offer advice without being intrusive, also to listen to his advice. I am aware that the fishery operate a peg drawing system on arrival, giving all anglers a fair chance.

I do have a little concern that I wanted to ask someone that has been before is that I have never used a bait boat and do not own one. It does seem fish come from a variety of baiting approach and from all over the lake.

I wanted to know whether you believe one is essential as the island does seem a popular patrol route, plus if I draw a peg which is out of my casting range I am concerned I may have limited my fishing abilities in the week by not having one.

I have been carp fishing for 15 years and would no way ever call myself an expert or brilliant angler, I know stuff that has enabled me to catch a uk thirty, which I found a great achievement. I am used to casting 90 yards at my club lake and usually spod and marker, but never in horrendous conditions have I attempted.

Your thoughts are very welcome and any idea on advice / baiting approach and whether I should consider hiring a bait boat. I hope it will give me an edge to break my PB of 30lb 8oz.

Kind regards, Ian


Hi Ian,

I have been fortunate enough to have visited Molyneux on 3 previous occasions and on each trip have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Wally and Helen are excellent hosts and I am sure will make your stay an enjoyable one. I have fished with Wally prior to him moving over to France and he is an excellent carp angler. On your arrival Wally will put you right and direct you to the best pegs for your ability. If you have a casting range of 90 yards you can reach most of the island margins which is where most captures are made.

The only island margins that will be out of your casting range are the island margins in front of the 2 social swims on the far bank from the facilities. For these swims you really do need a baitboat.

The swim that has been named Jack’s swim has a large shallow silted area in front of it but during the day does hold a lot of carp and in March is totally free of weed.

For the best results I would suggest fishing the deeper water off the main island, either baiting up with a throwing stick or spomb and fishing single bottom baits.

I would start your campaign with only a handful of loose boilies fed onto your chosen spot, increasing after each occurrence (bite). At this time of year I would be aiming to capture around 10 fish for the week and anything over is a bonus.

For the time of year I would take boilies only and put in no particle or pellet as this should give you the best result and keep away the grass carp. There are plenty of freezer facilities so I would take frozen boilies , possibly around 15 kilo in 14 or 16 mil of a boilie that you have complete confidence in.

While I was on Molyneux the last time I made a short video which you can view which gives you a good idea of how far the island margin is from the bank.

Watch Here 

If you need any more advice don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Regards, Paul Cooper



Thanks for this if say I cast out in the afternoon on sat would you leave out until the following day say afternoon and re chuck? how long would you sit it out with the same boilies etc.

It is a different mentality of fishing, on my club lake say I will cast out mid morning and re cast early evening with fresh bait after topping up with bait little and often. Is this approach ok as unsure about when to freshen the hook baits. Also I have 3lb tc Chub outcasts and bit pit shimano biomaster reels with 12lb line, do you think a two ounce lead is sufficient for casting the 80 yrds etc in most of the swims.

I will marker about in my swim and listen to wally who said he will take the boat out for me to put some bait in around my spots, would that be needed on the first day? or should I just throw stick out the baits, just worried about disturbance in the swim.

Sorry to bother you with all these questions as its good to bounce ideas off people as I have a very UK based, angling club head on and wondered whether I need to be thinking differently.

Regards, Ian


Hello Ian

With it being March the weather can vary quite a bit during the week that you will be there. I have fished in March on numerous occasions and each time the weather has been variable. The temperatures can range from -2 to 20C, which obviously effects the fishing.

The very first time that I fished Molyneux, I arrived in driving sleet and rain on a cold Northerly wind and caught 5 fish on the first day, all on single bottom baits cast at the island, with no freebies. I’m afraid there is no written rule on how and when to feed the swim, just gut feeling. When the weather warms up that is the time to put in the bait.

If you are casting your baits, a quick check or a change of bait is not a problem, the problem comes if you are using baitboats or rowing out your baits as this is time consuming and does disturb the swim quite a bit.

Feeding little and often is the best approach and as you do on your club lake, recast every so often so that you are confident that the the bait is still on and fresh. As for leads, I would use three to three and a half ounce leads as this you should be able to achieve a comfortable cast with your set up. As for the leading about, find the bottom of the slope off the island in front of you and stick all three rods there and I am sure that you will pick up fish.


French Carp Lakes – Molyneux


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