Great Photos From Old Oaks

Rob Johnson’s party had an excellent session on Old Oaks two weeks ago with 3 x 50’s, 8 x 40’s and 12 x 30’s on the bank. Here is the full feedback and photos…

Holiday date: Sat 26th Aug to Sat 2nd Sep 2017
Name of customer: Rob Johnson
Number of anglers: 4
Details of your catches:

Swim 1 – 49lb , 41lb, 30lb, 51.14lb, 41.12lb, 33
Swim 3 – 35lb, 37lb, 38lb, 34lb, 39lb, 38lb, 43lb
Swim 4 – 37lb, 46lb, 50lb,
Swim 5 – 38lb, 51lb, 46lb, 47lb, 37lb, 32lb, 42lb

old oaks big carp fishing lake


Your best tactics/bait/rigs: Small yellow or pink pop ups OR yellow wafters over beds of boilies and partiblend

Were the facilities what you expected? Yes, I have fished here before and they are ideal, with a lovely hot shower!

Were you happy with them? Yes

old oaks carp lake in france

Would you recommend the venue to a friend?

Would you recommend our services to a friend? Yes

General comments: Like most french holidays the Fish will move to empty areas of the lake, so ensure the end swims are occupied and spread yourself out.

old oaks carp lake in france

Want more info on Old Oaks? Carp Fishing France


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