How many carp anglers use YouTube?

Ok this is not an article on carp fishing per se, but more on the use of the fabulous tool that is ‘YouTube’ ,a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips of your carp fishing adventures, with your mates and indeed with the whole world. YouTube was created in February 2005 and by January 2008, nearly 79 million users had made over 3 billion video views, with around 100 millions videos watched every day. Youtube is now owned by Google.

In fact Youtube is really a great extension to the blog. As you can see by clicking on the ‘Videos’ section of this blog, there are quite a few of our own clips on line for your to watch. When you upload a clip to the site you get a piece of code on your page that allows you to very easily embed the clip into your own blog pages.

You tube can take a whole variety of formats wmv,H264,MP4,avi etc….So it is really easy to open an account and upload your clips directly from your computer. All PC’s come with Windows Movie Maker, which while very basic will allow you to edit and encode your films quickly and easily. Naturally the better quality clip you upload the better it will appear on the site. Just recently Youtube has allowed you to upload markedly better quality videos than before. I won’t blind people with technology here, but if you want to get the best quality material up there… Well just to a ‘Search’ on the Youtube and some one will tell you.

To me that’s what is so cool about the site, virtually anything you want to know, someone will have done a video clip or tutorial on it. If you just type in ‘Carp Fishing’ you get over 4000 videos to watch…

If you haven’t already seen it you can check out my own ‘Youtube’ Channel where to date I have loaded nearly 50 videos of our venues, sessions with anglers including Shaun Harrison, Mark Hutchinson, and many more.

There are several other video website worth looking into:
Daily Motion
My Space


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