How much bait should I take on a French carp trip?

A question from Mr C Barnes;

“Going to Etang De Moulinots for a week this summer and would appreciate any advice on the amount of bait to take for a week and what type of bait (shelf life, air dried, frozen) etc.  Thanks”

Hi Mr Barnes,

This is a very difficult one to answer as bait amounts will always depend upon the weather conditions at the time. If they aren’t ideal feeding conditions (high pressure, red hot, flat calm etc) then less bait will be required to maximise chances than if the weather is more suited to heavy feeding.

As a very rough guide and judging by my last few French trips then 10kg of boilies has sufficed. I always take more ‘just in case’ working on the fact that I can bring it home again for another trip if need be.

I also like to have the option of particles/seeds as well as pellets to act as a carpet feed to present the boilies over and to keep the carp rummaging around for a longer period. A lot of French venues now supply these fresh on the bank to save valuable car space on your journey over and allowing you to purchase what you want when you want.

I now use our Quest Baits shelf life bolies for all of my angling both at home and abroad.

Hope this helps.

Best fishes, Shaun Harrison


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