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My next rig is one that Neil Spooner from Korda showed me at the Northern Angling Show, I told him that I need a rig to use at Bradshaw Fishery as an alternative to the D-Rig, since all braid is banned there rigs such as the D-Rig can’t be used. He told me this is a rig he has used a few times on waters where he can’t use braid and has had good results.

To make this rig you will need Fluorocarbon, supple braid hook link and Curve Shank hooks, although other hook styles can be used as well, such as wide gape and long shank.

carp fishing supple hair rig blog

What you will need

Start off by taking a section of braid and making a loop in the end to form your hair.

carp fishing supple hair rig blog

Step 1

Now pass both the fluorocarbon and the braid through the eye of the hook, set the length of your hair so it is long enough for your bait, you don’t need to pass much fluorocarbon through the eye as this is only used to make your knot.

carp fishing supple hair rig blog

Step 2

Create your knotless knot using the fluorocarbon only, the braid will be trapped by the knot. Trim the tag end of the braid and the fluorocarbon, use a lighter to burn and blog the tag end of the braid to ensure it doesn’t pass back through the eye of the hook.

carp fishing supple hair rig blog

Step 3

To finish the rig simply attach the fluorocarbon to a ring swivel and you’re ready to go. This rig can be used with bottom baits and slow sinking baits, the fluorocarbon will help push the hook away from the lead and the braid will allow the bait to move more freely than it would if the hair was fluorocarbon.

carp fishing supple hair rig blog

Step 4

And there you go, over the last 3 weeks I’ve shown you 3 simple but effective rigs that should be part of everyone’s tackle box. These are my most used rigs due to the lake I fish. Next year I will be on a new lake so the rest of my rigs will come into effect again, as you can see from the photo below, I have been busy making a selection of rigs, this rig box contains all my barbless rigs, I also have another for barbed rigs. I will go through some more rigs at a later date but for the moment the rigs above should help most people improve their catch rates. If anyone wants a tutorial on any other rigs then please get in touch and I will add them to my next blog.

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A Selection of Rigs


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