Impressive Additions at Brie

We saw approx. 160 carp already¬†residing in 15 acre¬†Brie at the netting this year. This January however a further 30-40 carp have been added, and there’s some stunners!

All the new additional fish were stocked at between 25lb and 45lb. These were sourced¬†from La Horre North (one of the¬†owner’s stock lakes that isn’t open for fishing). ¬†Below are a selection of photos from the netting, roll on the 2015 season!

carp fishing in France at Brie

Bailiffs Mark and Franck

carp fishing in France at Brie


carp fishing in France at Brie


carp fishing in France at Brie


carp fishing in France at Brie


More Information on Brie 

Brie is booked on an exclusive basis and accommodates up to 4 anglers on the two large double swims which are built out into the water, allowing you¬†to fish the margins on either side of you as well as those on the far bank. The carp stocks go right up to mid-fifties and they’re real beauties.

Set in a Nature Reserve, Brie is tree lined to all but one end, where the view over open fields looks up the driveway to a stunning French country house where the facilities are situated.

To get prices, see feedback and availability click here –¬†Carp Fishing in France


5 thoughts on “Impressive Additions at Brie

  1. chris napolitano says:

    Hi we are fishing brie on the 2 nd of May we’ve drawn swim 2 could you please give me some advice on where the hot spots are in that swim would much appreciate as much info as poss.. there’s cash at steak looo l
    Regards chris

  2. David says:

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve passed your email on to one of our field testers, Paul Cooper, who has fished Brie. He should be able to give you some hints and tips! Good luck, particularly if there’s cash on the line!

  3. dean finch says:

    Hi fishing here in September 2016 and cant wait , am i right in saying that there is a generator for electricity if so what hrs does this run so can planning charging battery’s and such like , a lot of comments about size of freezer for baits as we have a large van could we bring our own under counter small freezer for our baits as prefer to use fresh baits rather than shelf life and this would allow the keep them fresh for the duration of the trip. many thanks.
    September 10th 2016

  4. Hi Dean, I’m just finding out for you. Will get back to you ASAP.

  5. I sent your question over to the bailiff Mark, he has said that he be replacing the freezer with a larger one this winter so that there is enough room. When this has been done we will update Brie’s webpage to let you know but it should mean that there is more than enough room for your bait.


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