Is this the biggest catch of carp ever on Laroussi?

Dan Burke & his mates booked Laroussi exclusive w/c 3rd Sept & had a fantastic catch.  Over to Dan;

” We had 99 fish in total!!!

40 carp up to 63.08 which was a new personal best for the angler….

5 x 50’s, biggest 58.8 which I caught. My dad had a 50.2 which was is first 50.

7 x 40s biggest 49.8 which again new personal best for the angler.

11 x 30’s 5 of which I had, 32 & 33lb commons.

3 x 20’s all 3 were commons.

53 grass carp 4 over 30lb biggest to Dianne Leader @ 38.14oz.

4 x sturgeon… 2 x 40s 52 & 54.

Is this possibly one of the largest catches ever on this venue?

Carp fishing in France at Laroussi

Part of the mega haul…

Our tactics were large beds of Mehdi’s partiblend, we used 250kg between use!  Small baits either plastic baits or 10-14mm bollies & sweet corn. Slack lines, small hoooks, long rigs with long hairs of around 1.5cm.

I’ve been going to france for 11 years now & I’ve fished a few of Angling Lines venues in this time, but laroussi has been the one I’ve enjoyed the most. For the group to catch 4 new personal best made my trip, to see 5 x 50’s on the bank & the 63 was fantasic. The swims have all been set out well with plenty of water to fish & I wouldnt say there was a bad swim either. The chest frezzer, fridge & washing facilties came in so handy for us all. Not normally what you get from a venue. As for Medhi, you couldnt meet a nice more knowledgable fishery owner. Fantisic trip & we couldn’t have asked for more! “


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