Lake Netting at Mas Bas

On January 1st 2014, Gilles decided that it would be a good idea to drain down the main lake at Mas Bas, to take stock and remove the irritating bream, catfish and the surplus grass carp that have been an annoyance over the past several years.

So whilst the majority of the world were nursing a self induced headache, Gilles set off for Mas Bas to drain the water out.  Over the next few days he was like an expectant father, constantly checking the water level, closing the valves when the level got too low and opening them when it rained… and boy did it rain!  Gilles and I stayed at Mas Bas so that he could continue to monitor the level during the night too.


Photo taken from the main bedroom in Lake House

mas bas carp lake with accommodation


At the crack of dawn Saturday 4th, an army of volunteers descended on the lake (some of them actually looked good in their waders! lol) ready and willing to help with the enormous task of removing the fish as quickly and as carefully as possible.

More of the water was let out to expose the fish, which were netted then sorted into groups of either carp, grass carp, bream and catfish or miscellaneous and then gently but efficiently, moved by a conveyor belt of eager hands to the appropriate lake water filled stock pools.  The smaller common and mirror carp were put into a neighbouring lake to allow them to grow.

mas bas carp lake with accommodation

Sorting the fish

I, of course, opted not to get covered in fish slime or mud, and stayed in the kitchen, ever ready with food and drink for our frozen, sodden friends and family. By the time night fell, everyone was shattered and ready for a shower, hot meal and a little drink. Good excuse for a party!

mas bas carp lake with accommodation

Lunch served out on the lake house veranda

8am Sunday morning, we were all set to begin weighing and returning the fish to the lake.  Forty of the 120 or so grass carp, weighing between 13 -25lbs were returned to the lake, the remaining were put into a stock lake.

Also returned to the lake were :-

  • 55 Mirror Carp, the biggest of which was 53lbs, the rest weighing between 16 and 49lbs
  • 45 Common Carp, one of which weighed 37lbs, the balance were between 18 and 33lbs
  • 15 Koi Carp between 7lbs 7oz and 11lbs
  • 6 Silver Carp of weights between 20lbs and 32lbs
  • 198lbs of Roche
  • 25 Pike, 40 Zander, 30 Tench and a copious amount of Eels

Gilles had intended to take advantage of the lake being empty to change the topography of the lake bed and create some new spots, but unfortunately due to the constant heavy rain this was not possible and within a very short space of time the lake had filled to it’s original level.  He was , however, able to rid the lake of snags and branches.

mas bas carp lake with accommodation


mas bas carp lake with accommodation


During the weekend we had professional video footage shot, which is at present being edited and should be ready by the end of February.

We are looking forward to the coming season and hope that many of the large fish make an appearance.

Tight Lines
Sharon and Gilles.

For more information on Mas Bas follow the linkFishing Holidays


2 thoughts on “Lake Netting at Mas Bas

  1. Steve Bedford says:

    You didn’t happen to find the top section to a maver abyss spod rod at the bottom of the lake just in front of the house did you? I lost it there a couple of years ago 🙂 What happened to the sturgeon in the lake? You also mentioned catfish? I never knew there were any in there

  2. David says:

    Hi Steve,

    I asked Gilles for you, here’s the response – ‘Sadly no rod section was found. The catfish part was a typo, you are right and there are no catfish, it had got confused in the translation.’


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