Laroussi’s New Stock

Mehdi is chuffed with his new young stock at Laroussi, and we would be too! Here’s a note from Mehdi now the fish have arrived; 

As mentioned early, we introduced new carp at Laroussi. We made a strict selection one by one to get the best quality fish as possible. Target was to find a nice carp diversity : color, shape, strain, scale pattern.

All fish are 100% virgin, young,  very healthy and come from a proper fishfarmer. Some fish are brown/chocolate, short and fat, long and strong, golden or silver, almost leather or heavily scaled.

Carp fishing in France at Laroussi

Mixed scales common

This new stock will bring new blood to the lake and will force the actual resident carp to compete more to feed. They will pack on weight very quickly and should reach 40lb+ in the next few years.

Despite the cold water, we took time to take photos of each fish (sometimes both side) in the safest way possible – in the lake with a floating big cradle mat. In total, there were 38 carp: 14 common and 24 mirror.

All fish weighed between 20 to 30lb. Have a look to the following 37 pictures (one missing cos it escaped before the shot lol)

Hope you appreciate them all! Tight lines and Merry Christmas!


Carp fishing in France at Laroussi

Heavy plated mirror

Carp fishing in France at Laroussi

Black spot mirror

Carp fishing in France at Laroussi

Silver common

laroussi french carp lake

Solid single scale mirror

For more information on Laroussi follow the link – Carp Fishing in France


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