Last Week’s Catch Report from Old Oaks – Plenty of 40’s and 50’s!

Good fishing from Old Oaks last week for Tom Swain’s group. Some lovely looking 40’s and 50’s and even an 11lb lake record bream. You can see the feedback and photos below; 

Holiday date: Sat 26th Apr to Sat 3rd May 2014

Name of customer: Tom Swain
Number of anglers: 5

Details of your catches:

Peg 1 – 11lb 12oz bream lake record
Peg 2 – blank
Peg 3 – 37.5, 39.8, 47.8, 34.4, 37.14
Peg 4 – 48.8, 39.9, 24.14 grass carp, 42.4, 39.11, 37.7, 52.4
Peg 5 – 39.5, 36.12, 51.4, 39.5, 32.10, 42.4, 43.13

All mirrors

Your best tactics/bait/rigs: Cell tipped with fake corn or pink pop ups, fished in pva bags tight to the far margin and a few crushed boilies.

Were the facilities what you expected? Yer. Very clean and plenty of hot water.
Were you happy with them? Yer, perfect for drive and survive.

Would you recommend the venue to a friend? Yer

General comments: Fish were in great condition and really hard fighting.  Mehdi showed us round the lake and then left us to it.

Old Oaks Carp Fishing in France

51lb 4oz – Pat Shipley – Peg 5

Old Oaks Carp Fishing in France

52lb 4oz – Tom Swain – Peg 4

Old Oaks Carp Fishing in France

47lb 8oz – Jim Dodes – Peg 3

Carp caught at Old Oaks Carp Fishing in France

39lb 5oz – Pat Shipley – Peg 5

Carp caught at Old Oaks Carp Fishing in France

42lb 4oz – Tom Swain – Peg 3

For more information on Old Oaks follow the link – Carp Fishing in France




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