Latest News From Deux Iles

After two weeks off at Deux îles, Tyron and his son Bradley arrived saturday morning. This has been a difficult period in France with many floods everywhere and the lake water level is especially high!

Despite the rain Bradley and his father managed to catch 22 carp, one koi at 20lb, one tench! In addition, the sturgeon was finally taken at 42lb.



Carp weights as follows: 4 x 40lb, 9 x 30lb and 10 x 20lb. They have used 40kg of particles and 20kg of boilies during the week!

The anglers had a great week just fishing simple hair rigged boilies. Location and bait application is the key at Deux Isles… I look forward to seeing them again!

Deux Iles Carp Fishing Lake France



Find out more about Deux Iles over on the website – Carp Fishing in France


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