Like your French carp lake big, wild and natural?

We’ve got just the French carp fishing holiday for you. Here are five big French carp lakes that are guaranteed to leave you awestruck at their beauty and anticipating a very large carp!

1. Brocard Small

Long and thin in shape, encompassing around 29 acres (not exactly small at all then!), Brocard Small holds a good stock of incredible looking carp to well over 50lb & catfish to 110lb. Four swims (all doubles) are spread along the length of the water, meaning you certainly won’t feel hemmed in.

Four hours drive from the port of Calais, in the Champagne region of France.

“This is a truly beautiful lake, the crescent shape of the lake puts the other pegs well out of sight. With a forest behind you and a tree lined far margin ahead you really get feeling you have the lake to yourselves. As a drive and survive venue it has everything you need.”
 Stan Feerick

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Brocard carp fishing in france
Brocard Small

2. Berniere

The crystal clear waters of 27 acre gravel pit Berniere hold plenty of very impressive big carp to over 60lb. This is a beautiful lake packed full of features that will ask plenty of questions of anglers, but the effort is well worth it!

The venue is the brainchild of Danny Grace and Matthew Hart – two experienced and passionate anglers who strived to create a carp lake in France that they themselves would thoroughly enjoy. Berniere strikes the balance perfectly – it’s a big natural lake that doesn’t feel overly commercial but still provides a warm welcome with comfortable swims and facilities.

At 4 hours from the port of Calais, it’s a straightforward drive once you’re in France too. 

Find out more about Berniere here – Carp Fishing in France

Berniere Big French Carp Lakes
Berniere Lake

3. Renarde

Renarde is an exceptionally pretty and natural 17 acre lake in the Champagne region, a 4hr drive from Calais. Bays, a central island and overhanging margins make this a very interesting lake to fish.

Renarde has a history as a carp lake, but since 2020 it is under the expert management of the Bachelier family, renowned for their French carp lakes such as Jonchery. With this new management has come a greater stock of even bigger carp to over 60lb and better facilities.

With four double swims, it comfortably accepts up to 8 anglers. Simply put, this is big carp fishing on a beautiful lake… it’s definitely worth a visit.

Find out more about Renarde here – French carp fishing

Renarde Carp Fishing France

4. Vaumigny

A 60lb carp, 100lb sturgeon or perhaps even a 170lb catfish. If this sounds appealing then Vaumigny is for you.

It’s not a runs water and this lake is not for the faint hearted or inexperienced. Anglers who favour wild and natural lakes will find themselves right at home. The current lake record carp is 66lb and the lake is a two hour forty drive from the port of Caen.

“Frank the bailiff made our week, he wouldn’t come near us unless we asked for him and his experience and knowledge of the lake was immense. All in all we couldn’t of asked for a better week away.”  Guy Hamilton

Find out more about Vaumigny here – Fishing France

Vaumigny big carp and catfish lake France
Vaumigny big carp and catfish lake France

5. Brocard Large

Brocard Large is 39 acres, picturesque and abundant with wildlife. It holds a good stock of carp to over 50lb and 15 sizeable catfish. You have the choice of several double swims and one that can be booked as a single or a double.

This is a venue that has a huge number of regulars – anglers that return year after year for another week of total peace and quiet with a few big carp thrown in.

“I would definitely recommend this venue to a friend because the overall experience was great and the fish in this lake are outstanding. Thank you for your first class service.”  Daniel Eldridge

Find out more about Brocard Large here – Carp fishing France

Brocard carp fishing lake france
Brocard Large

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