Lockdown at Barringtons

Barry and Yve are the proud owners of 8 acre French carp lake Barringtons. This Spring is looking very different to those before it, with France and the UK on lockdown, which means this fishery isn’t currently able to welcome carp anglers as usual.

But, in the meantime Barry and Yve have been busy improving the venue with maintenance to swims and facilities. They’ve also managed to cast a line or two themselves. Here’s a small update…

For the first few weeks of ‘Lockdown’ we took advantage of the nice weather to clear up some of the tree debris on the opposite bank and had some bonfires.

Swim 6 had a couple of limbs cut off of the big oak tree to make it easier to cast and some bushes cut away near the front of the swim, swim 5 had the bushes cut back too and swim 4 had a couple of small trees cut down at the front to give more space to the willow.

Recently, we have cast a couple of rods out sometimes between little jobs. We share the runs and have landed 12 carp between us so far. Yve had her first Grass Carp of 30lb 2oz which wasn’t very well behaved in the cradle so the photo is not the best as she is clinging on for dear life!

30lb 2oz

She also had mirrors of 18lb 10oz, 22lb, 26lb 10oz and 27lb 6oz and commons of 27lb 8oz and 36lb 6oz.

36lb 6oz

Barry had mirrors of 18lb 12oz, 20lb 4oz, 21lb, 22lb and a 19lb 10oz common. Some of them looked as though they had spawned and there had been a lot of activity up towards the inlet during the week before last when the sun was shining.

Barringtons is a mature natural carp fishing lake in the North of France. The idyllic rural setting make it the complete ‘get away from it all’ venue. This lake offers great carp fishing and is ideal for groups of 4-6 anglers to hire exclusively or can be booked individuall. There is optional lakeside cabin accommodation, great angler facilities and even food packages available.

Find out more about Barringtons here – Carp Fishing France


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