Molyneux Report

Here’s a report from bailiff Wally on a busy week at 13 acre Molyneux Lake…

Another Saturday we had been looking forward to for a while, our good friends Clive and Alex were revisiting and it is always a chuckle when they are around. Sadly Paul and Adam, who normally come with them, cannot this year due to Paul suffering illness. Best wishes mate, we both hope your recovery is sufficient that we will get to see you both over again one day in the not too distant. In their place came a couple of lovely lads, Ben and Wes…. We also had another couple of newcomers to the lake in the shape of Vince and John, another pair of cracking guys. We also had another old friend in the shape of Jon Clinick visiting us, this time with his girlfriend.


The Cabin Swim

Clive and Alex chose the Socials to fish from, Vince and John chose Barn and Double respectively and Ben and Wes decided to take Jack’s. Jon and Vicky fished from the cabin swim.

Saturday evening and Vince landed the first of the week, a 29lb’s mirror. Alex was next to get off the mark with a 12lb 8oz common.

Sunday morning at 1am and Ben in Jack’s was into his first fish, and after a tussle landed a good 34lb later and Vince landed his second of the week with another 29lb mirror.

carp fishing in france at Molyneux

Ben with a 34lb 8oz mirror


At 9.30am John in Double landed a 30lb common. Later that evening Wes had two fish in quick succession, a lovely, very old scaly mirror, at 35lb 7oz, and a 25lb 9oz mirror.

carp fishing in france at Molyneux

Wes with a 35lb 7oz original mirror (almost 50yrs old)

Monday morning and Ben was up early again a 20lb 2oz mirror getting him out of his bed at 2.30am. At 5.40am Vince landed a 29lb 6oz mirror, at 7.15am he then landed a 32lb 10oz mirror. 15 minutes later and Jon in the Cabin swim landed a 30lb 2oz Grass carp. At 8.45am Alex had a 27lb 8oz mirror. That evening at 7.30pm Jon had another grass carp, this one of 26lb 8oz.

Tuesday morning and it was Vince who was woken first, a spirited 30lb mirror leading him a merry chase, until subdued, weighed and photographed. 3.30am and Jon in cabin swim landed a 33lb 7oz mirror. 5.30am and the start of a busy few hours for John in Double. He started the ball rolling with a 29lb 14oz mirror, followed by another take five minutes later which resulted in a 64lb 12oz Catfish. At 8.30am he managed a mirror of 41lb 9oz. At 10.15am Alex landed a 20lb 3oz grass carp. At 4pm Vince landed a 29lb 8oz common. At 9.10pm Alex landed another, this time a mirror weighing in at 32lb 4oz.

carp fishing in france at Molyneux

John with a 41lb 9oz mirror

Wednesday started in the same way as the previous few with fish coming out early. John in Double swim had his best of the week so far and second forty of the week in the shape of a corking 42lb 6oz mirror. He followed this up an hour or so later with a 31lb 8oz mirror. Clive had what was to be the only fish of his week with a plump 37lb mirror. At lunchtime Wes in Jacks landed a 30lb 4oz mirror.

carp fishing in france at Molyneux

John with a 42lb 6oz mirror

The following morning and John was away first again, this time with a 5.45am 30lb 4oz mirror. At 6am Ben had a 35lb 13oz mirror from Jacks. John then continued his roll with a 36lb 15oz mirror, and a few minutes later another mirror of 39lb 2oz. He finished off the day in style with a 74lb 14oz catfish at 9.40pm.

french carp lakes near calais

John with a 74lb 14oz Catfish

Friday morning and there was only the one fish caught prior to breakfast. John in the double swim the captor, a fine 35lb 14oz common the culprit. 2,10pm and he was in again, a 35lb 12 mirror this time. Then at 8.15pm, Ben in Jacks landed a 36lb 14oz Grass carp.

A cracking week, with some really lovely people, good to see another couple of forties landed, and as always so good to see our good mates Clive and Alex again…….

For more information on Molyneux follow the link – Carp Fishing in France


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