Molyneux Report to 10th November 2012

Scott & his 41lb mirror

Saturday morning and with John and Carol packed and on their way we awaited the new anglers who were due to arrive at Molyneux. The phone rang around mid-morning and we learnt that one of our parties had suffered a mini disaster as a strap holding some of their gear on the roof had snapped resulting in a rod bag and it’s entire contents flying off and ending up under the wheels of a lorry. The rods, and reels inside the bag were all smashed and completely ruined.

There was also some damage to a new bivvy which had recently been bought, though thankfully this as not beyond use. A very sad start to their holiday, and a salutary lesson to us all. If anything is to be transported upon the roof it must be strapped down and then double strapped to make sure there is no chance of it slipping or moving. Tack is very expensive these days and we need to ensure that it is not going anywhere during the journey.

The other pair of anglers we were expecting Colin and old friend who had first visited in March of this year, and his good friend Scott arrived full of the joys of spring and raring to get going. Colin had very kindly arrived bearing gifts of Chocolate for Helen which is always very welcome and is sure to put any angler in her good books from the off.

We chatted and informed the anglers of recent events at the lake over a steaming mug of tea after which we wandered around the lake. My mobile rang as we arrived back at the kitchen announcing the arrival of the other group Joe and Dave. They drove around to the kitchen and over a cup of tea explained the drama’s they had suffered. They had managed to find a tackle shop in Rouen where Joe had replaced his damaged rods with a cheap set sufficient to see him through the week.

I took them for a walk round and they decided that they would like to fish the double swim, Colin and Scott had previously showed an interest in fishing the social swims so as usual it negated the need for a draw as everyone was happy with their choice.

The guys set off and sorted themselves out in their respective swims. I loaned Joe a reel to help him out, and took around the bait that the guys had pre-ordered. They came up to the kitchen for their evening meals and we arranged that the following day I would take them out in the boat and bait up their swims.

That night there were no fish caught. The following day the weather improved so far as fishing was concerned overcast with the wind picking up, and things were looking good for a bite. Almost immediately after dinner the first fish was caught. Scott was the lucky angler in Social 2 he enjoyed a good scrap with the fish before it finally came over the drawcord of the net. On the scales it was weighed at 41lb, a fish which had been caught at 40lb in September. To say he was delighted is and understatement. What a start to the week! Overnight there were no more fish caught.

The following day Scott landed another mirror of 26lb’s at around 1pm. At 2.30pm Joe in the double swim caught his first fish, a chunky 30lb 14oz mirror. In the early evening of the Monday Joe caught his second thirty of the week in the shape of a cracking 37lb 1oz mirror. At 9pm Colin caught a 16lb mirror.

In the early hours of Tuesday Scott caught a 23lb 8oz common. He followed this up at lunchtime with a 30lb mirror. Dinner was eaten and a beer or two consumed and the guys headed back to their swims. At 10pm Joe had another thirty with a 30lb 15oz mirror. A short while later Colin caught a 29lb 8oz mirror.

Overnight Scott added to his tally with a mirror of 38lb 4oz. He followed this up at 11am with a 18lb 2oz common. Strangely that evening Colin in the next swim caught a different common of exactly the same weight. The weather which had been overcast and showery was certainly not harming the fishing.

Thursday saw an incredible couple of hours fishing for Scott, when at 12.30pm he caught first a 32lb 10oz mirror, followed quickly by a 37lb 14oz mirror, and less than an hour later by a 38lb 8oz mirror. A short while later he finished his flurry with a 16lb mirror.

In the early hours of Friday morning Scott continued his amazing run of form with a 37lb 1oz mirror. Colin then got in on the act with a 31lb mirror, half an hour later catching another, a 26lb 8oz mirror. Scott then caught yet another thirty at 30lb 8oz. That evening Colin caught a 33lb 8oz mirror, Scott caught a 32lb 3oz mirror, and Dave who had been struggling in the double swim caught a 30lb 15oz mirror. Overnight Colin managed one more fish a 31lb 5oz mirror.

Altogether a good weeks fishing with Scott really getting amongst them, Colin and Joe landing a few good thirties, finally even Dave who had struggled through the week landing his much craved for thirty by the end of the week.

It was good to see Colin again, as well as meeting his friend Scott, Joe and Dave had endured a horrendous start to the week with the loss of their tackle, hopefully their experience at Molyneux during their stay went some small way to make up for it.

French Carp Lakes – Molyneux


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