A Molyneux Report

Molyneux is really fishing well so far this season. Here’s Wally to break down the action from last week…

The forthcoming week was one of those we look forward to so much, with all the anglers arriving old friends that have visited us before. James, a lovely guy from the South West was first at the gate, he had last been exactly two years earlier. Next were Lance and his lovely wife Kathy, from Way oop North who visited in September last year, then around lunchtime Jeff and Steve arrived.  Jeff is an old friend, and they had both visited us last September for the first time.

Molyneux French Carp Fishing Holidays

Photo courtesy of James Wilcox, fishing the barn swim last week

After a wander round James decided he would start off in thee swim which brought him success last year, the newly revamped Barn swim. Lance and Kath had booked the cabin, so they too had the pleasure of a new and improved swim. Jeff and Steve decided to settle in the double swim.

The guys spent the afternoon putting together their homes together and setting up their gear for the week. After an evening meal of Spag bol and cheesy Garlic bread, plus of course the obligatory beer and glass of vino, they set off back to their respective swims for the night.

Molyneux French Carp Lakes

And another of the view from the barn swim…

Lance was the first to see some action, when a gorgeous small 4lb 8oz common tried to hang itself on his hook. At 11pm James had his first fish of the week, a 28lb mirror.

Lance then had two carp in quick succession at 1.15am, and 1.45am, a 26lb mirror, followed by a 37lb 8oz mirror. At 3am James chipped in with another weighing in at 33lb. Lance then had 33lb 4oz mirror at 4am. A good start to the week, with 5 fish caught before breakfast on Sunday morning. Lance was away again at 11.40pm that evening adding a 32lb 8oz mirror to his tally.

Monday morning at 4.30am and Lance was in again, the cabin swim was certainly fishing very well, this latest fish a 29lb 8oz mirror was from the tip of the island spot from which he had claimed a fair few of the fish he had already caught. That afternoon James also caught one of our baby commons, when his rod screamed off at around 5pm, this one slightly bigger than Lance’s at 5lb. The guys in the double swim had seen fish in front of them in the early part of the week, and despite Steve losing a fish early on had received no more action to this point.

Molyneux French Carp Fishing Holidays

Lance – 36lb 2oz

Tuesday morning and Lance was woken early once again, with a 29lb 14oz mirror at 4.15am, he followed this up at 9.15am with another mirror of 36lb 2oz. James despite his early success had been scratching a bit since then. He and I had been out in the boat on Monday and had seen one or two fish and signs of others along the back of the island, so it was no surprise to me when he decided to up sticks and move around to Social 1 swim on the Tuesday morning. It seemed to be a good move when at 11.15pm that evening his alarm sounded loud and clear signalling a fish. The resulting mirror weighed in at 28lb 13oz.

Wednesday morning and Lance had to wait a little longer than usual for his early morning wake up call, but it was worth the wait, when after a good fight he landed a 37lb 12oz mirror at just after 5am. At 8pm James landed a 34lb 5oz common.

Sadly on Thursday morning Steve, who had been feeling unwell during the week, really was struggling with his health, and he and Jeff had to pack and head for home. Angling Lines rearranged their ferry, and I received a message from Jeff at around 5pm to say that they had arrived home safely. We wish Steve a speedy recovery/

A short while later and James landed his best mirror of the week weighing in at 37lb 12oz.

Molyneux French Carp Lakes

James – 37lb 12oz

Friday started well again for James, when at 5am he landed another thirty in the shape of a 32lb mirror. From then on it was quiet all around the lake, until last light when the fish put on an acrobatic display down in the shallow end of all places.

Saturday morning and James finished the week off in style with two fish before breakfast. The first came at 1am, a 34lb 8oz mirror, then at 3am a 22lb common. The group all packed up, showered and met for their last breakfast of the trip. We had enjoyed a wonderful week with our guests, some good fish caught and plenty of laughs and banter between the guys. Weeks like this are a joy for Helen and I and certainly don’t feel like work. These are the times where we really appreciate being over here, so thank you all guys and of course Kathy very much indeed for one of the truly great weeks at Molyneux.


For more information on Molyneux follow the link – French Carp Lakes


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