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Having read a blog that Shaun first published on the blog last year, I made my own enquiries to purchase some McNett Gruntlines. Now, any additional fishing paraphernalia has to earn a place in my tightly packed tackle bag and my Gruntlines certainly have earned that place since I purchased them. 

Gruntlines have many uses for campers, first-aiders, military personal and of cause anglers… so what is a Gruntline? It is a light flexible utility line that stretches up to 7 feet and is made up of triple ply rubber braided cord. At either end of the Gruntline are looped ends with plastic clips that allow attachment to all sorts of anchor points, such as tree branches, carp barrows, door knobs, posts and pack straps. It can be used as a cloths line, tie-down line, arm sling, tourniquet, guy line or to secure things down such as rod pods.

McNett Gruntlines

McNett Gruntlines

One of the obvious uses are for strapping down tackle on a carp barrow. The plastic clips at each end are easily attached to the barrow, and by using 2 of them, they will hold in place any tackle being carried. When fixing the Gruntlines to the barrow it is essential to make sure that before you begin to stretch it, the initial attached end is firmly secured, as the elastic is exceptionally strong and is unforgiving if it becomes detached. Just a warning, do not, as I did, attach one end to an insecure tent peg and then try and stretch the line as it can be dangerous (read my article on Castle Lake).

Strapped down tackle on my carp barrow

Strapped down tackle on my carp barrow

The Gruntline makes an excellent washing line and can be fixed to anything such as  branches of trees, tree trunks or posts. My first trip to France this year was to Castle Lake when the Gruntline came into its own, for drying out both mine and Jim’s wet clothes, towels and tea towels. In fact, because of the triple elasticised weave of the line, almost anything can be hung out to dry or to store. No pegs or ties of any sort are required, just thread the items into the weave and away you go. It should hold up to 20lb of clothing.

When used sensibly, it is an excellent versatile  piece of kit to have in your fishing bag, that is light and takes up very little space. Gruntlines are sold by Wychwood in most tackle shops for around £12.95.

Paul Cooper

Ideal Clothes line

Ideal clothes line


One thought on “Must Have Carp Fishing Equipment – McNett Gruntlines

  1. Shaun Harrison says:

    I have had mine quite some time now and have used them for so many different things that they have become an essential part of my kit. I have used them for holding branches back rather than cutting them off, as an emergency belt, to hold kit in place in the car and to hang bait from out of the way of rodents. I even used one as a curtain holder at one lake so I could cook inside a bank side hut in the dark without any light escaping and scaring any possible margin feeders. The list is endless and I still have the original ones so they stand the test of time too.

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