Nick Burrage’s Session on Jonchery

A quick round-up from Nick Burrage after his recent session on Jonchery

“Starting our week with a breakdown on the M25, then four frosty nights and freezing winds, wasn’t the start we were after to be honest. Little did I know that after a very quick bite, resulting in a 49lb plus mirror; that this was going to be the last of the action for 4 days lol!!

carp fishing france jonchery

After moving swims time and time again, it seemed the cold was to much for them, and me if the truth was known! A final move onto a few showing carp as the rains came saw my fortune change dramatically carp wise anyway… The day before I had the long drive back to Shropshire, I started to get some life out of my alarms (yeah there were batteries after all) Picking carp off two at a time from each end of their patrol routes soon saw my camera filling up with pictures.

carp fishing france jonchery

Retro Baits Meaty Garlic was the bait of choice for the trip and in these very hard conditions it really came into its own, getting me bites from 30’s and 40’s at long range. I fished at around 130 yards with my 13′ Gravity X rods, along with a 3oz lead and 15lb GT HD mainline (this setup handled it with ease and with the odd 160 yard cast to an empty swim across the way; it showed how well the gear I chose married up to each other)

A big thanks to Mark Slade and he better half Anita for another great trip; a little more sun next time please fella. Nick Cotterill great camera work as always buddy, thank you matey”

Find out more about Jonchery here – Carp Fishing in France

carp fishing france jonchery


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