A Visit To The Northern Angling Show

One thing I love doing when I have the time is heading to one of the many angling shows that are on this time of year. This year I went to the Northern Angling Show at Event City in Manchester. This is the second year its happened but only the first time I’ve been, previous years I went to Carpfest at Cudmore Fisheries. With this being so close to where I live and the list of tackle companies going I couldn’t wait to get there. Doors opened at 9am, upon arriving at about 8:45 they were already queuing to get in. Once the doors opened I headed inside and came to the first stand which was setup by Trakker, I was impressed with their stand as it had many of their bivvies setup as well as some of their Carp Care products, as I already have a Trakker SLX V2 I didn’t spend too much time looking round their bivvies, but their unhooking mats and weigh slings did take my interest.

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The Trakker Display

After a browse round the Trakker stand I headed over to Erics Angling Centre, this stand seemed very popular and was constantly busy but I did manage to take a look, as you would expect the stand was filled with their most popular products and they did have some great deals on as did most stands at the show. A quick look round Nash Tackle showcased their latest products, with demonstrations of their zig bugs and their team giving advice, the stand was well set out.

On to the CCMoore stand, practically all of their bait was on display and for sale a lot cheaper than at the tackle shops, I decided to stock up here on some of their new Equinox boilies, which aren’t in the shops yet, some stick mix and some pop ups in preparation for Acorn Fishery next year where I will be fishing in the UK Carp Cup, from reading previous years reports CC Moore baits seem to do well.

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The CC Moore Stand

Next on to one of my favourite stands, Korda. I’m sure most of you can guess by now that I’m a big fan of the Korda gear so a chance to have a chat to some of their team couldn’t be passed up. When I arrived I was greeted by Neil Spooner, I had a quick chat with him and explained that the lake I currently fish doesn’t allow braid of any kind and asked if he knew any different rigs I could try, he then went to grab some tackle and showed me how to make a supple hair fluorocarbon rig and let me have one he made so I can copy it at home, this rig will be explained in my next blog entry. Next followed a quick photo with Ali Hamidi and a book signing, he is a down to earth guy and truly a credit to their team and how could I go without getting a photo with Mr Big Carp Darrell Peck.

On walking round the rest of the stalls it was clear there was something for everyone, from carp fishing to match fishing, catfish, barbel and even eel fishing. Every stall had the latest gear their company had to offer and the top anglers to help out with any questions you may have. There were even areas to try out full length poles, this is a great idea as you never really know how a 16m pole feels fully extended unless you’ve tried one.

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Some more of the stands

There was also a few angling clubs at the show offering special priced memberships, this again I couldn’t pass up. For the past couple of years I have been meaning to join Warrington Anglers Association but never got round to it, needless to say after having a chat with their club secretary about their waters and their latest stocking programme I signed up, I think that now means my time fishing Bradshaw Fisheries has come to an end.

Angling magazines were also at the show offering subscription offers and various stands were set up doing raffles for the latest gear, needless to say, these were also very popular.

Another popular section was the stages where they had chats with some of the country’s top anglers. Unfortunately as I had other things planned in the day I only managed to catch one of their talks which was about Northern Monsters with Jamie Clossick, it was interesting to hear his take on big northern carp and was really helpful to hear. Most anglers think the north doesn’t have any big carp or carp with character but after hearing Jamie talk it does appear we have some good carp, they may be harder to catch but they are still there.

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The Stage

I would strongly recommend the Northern Angling Show to everyone who can get there, not only will you find some great deals but you will also get chance to spend time talking to some top anglers who love talking to others and helping you out the best they can. One piece of advice I would offer to everyone going to a show like this, take lots of money! If you think your taking too much, you’re not! You will be able to spend whatever you take, I know I did!

Steve Bedford


2 thoughts on “A Visit To The Northern Angling Show

  1. Andy Gilbert says:

    Hello Steve, looks like you had a great time at the show.
    What CC Moore pop ups did you go for? I had the Optical Illusion pop ups and wafters through my door the other day, the smell is so strong, and the booster liquid is really really pungent ( a bit like Indian Spice). I’ll be keen to know how you get on with the Equinox and what you think of it, ive always been a fan of Meteor and Odyssey. Seeing as it was the Northern show, did you go away with any of the Northern Specials? the yellow wafters are one of my favourite hook baits.
    Has any one had to get the calculator out for the maths captcha?

  2. Steve Bedford says:

    Hi Andy and thanks for reading my Blog.
    From CC Moore I got Silent Assassin, Critical Edge and Mini Bitez pop ups, some Northern Special Booster liquid as well as a kilo of 18mm Equinox boilies, a kilo of oily bag mix pellets and a kilo of milk n nut crush stick mix, all the stuff looks and smells great, can’t wait to try them on my new club waters.

    As for the Northern Specials, I got some a couple of weeks ago from a local tackle shop but haven’t had chance to use them yet. I got the red wafters and I keep topping them up with the booster liquid, they smell good enough to eat! I haven’t used CCMoore boilies too much this year so I will be trying them along side Cell next year, I’m hoping for some good results but only time will tell.

    Again, thanks for reading and I hope my following blogs interest you as well.
    Tight lines,

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