Pristine Carp at Brocard Large

We’ve received some fantastic photos from Andy Gilbert & Stewart Cliff’s fourth trip to Brocard Large this July. Here is the full catch report and our favourite captures from the week…

Holiday date: Sat 22nd Jul to Sat 29th Jul 2017
Name of customer: Andrew Gilbert
Number of anglers: 2
Details of your catches: 20 fish between Stewart and myself:

Commons: 33..6, 35.4, 40.2, 26, 33.4, 24.4, 27.8, 28.4, 31.4, 32.12, 28.12
Mirrors: 18, 25.8, 22.8, 31, 27.8, 28.8, 28.4, 24.4
Grass: 44.12

carp fishing france at Brocard Lakes
Your best tactics/bait/rigs:

Double wafting tiger nuts did 90% of the bites, three fish came to a snowman.
Small amounts of tigers and boilie on a spot, productive spots got topped up a couple of times a day with another small amount of boilie and tigers. The weed growth was a little heavy in places on the lake but fishing on the fringes of it produced the bites. A thick band of weed 30 yards from the swim proved a little problematic and we dropped 11 fish between us.

Were the facilities what you expected? Fourth time on large so no surprises, our portable generator kept things charged and the shower was clean and hot throughout the week
carp fishing france at Brocard Lakes
Were you happy with them? Yep no problems whatsoever
Would you recommend the venue to a friend? I certainly would, a challenging venue at times, but one of my favourites. There’s no hustle and bustle at brocard, its big, peaceful and excellently run.

Would you recommend our services to a friend? Yes I would, and I do so.

General comments: Turned up at the lake to find only us and two french guys fishing (who left wednesday morning), which really surprised me. If people are put off by the weed in the hotter months, its really nothing to worry about. Okay you are going to lose a few with barbless hooks, but we still managed plenty of fish and more than our previous visits in April and September. Missed Franck who was on holiday our week but was well looked after by Mark and Steve. All the guys and girls on Brocard Small were great and we look forwards to coming back.
big grass carp at Brocard Lakes in France
Find more information on Brocard Large at Carp Fishing France


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