Questions and Answers with Julian Cundiff

An angler interview with Julian Cundiff,  talking about company sponsorship, Tim Paisley and carp fishing in the 90’s. Matthew Fleet from the Carp Marathon asks the questions…

Hi Jules, may I begin by saying a big thank you for finding the time to do this interview. It really is appreciated! So then, when did your passion for angling begin?

I started fishing in 1976 for perch, roach and bream. I started specialist angling in 1979 for tench, pike and eels. Caught my first carp in 1982 and started specialising in carp fishing in 1984.

When did your quest for big carp and carp fishing begin?

I did feel driven to catch carp from 1984 but by the late eighties wanted to catch bigger and bigger carp. I caught my first 30 in 1990 and then realised that big carp alone did not do it for me, but carp fishing did. That saved me I guess and I still love it just as much now as I did almost 30 years ago.

Where’s your favourite venue?

It changes so I am going to cheat. For years it was Savay and I got to fish it with Peter Broxup who sadly passed away some years ago. Then it was Church Lake where I caught a near 50 and shared it with my mates Duff and Nashy.

In recent years it has been a water in Lincolnshire I call Jurassic Park. Middle of nowhere and somewhere I can escape to and be on my own.

Julian Cundiff Interview

The man himself

What’s your most memorable capture?

I guess the 49lb 6oz from Church is up there mate. Catching over 40 x 20’s a year for 2 years running in the mid ‘90’s on overnighters in Yorkshire too.

You’re good friends with the iconic Tim Paisley. In your own words, how would you describe Tim?

No nonsense, demanding, generous, inspiring, innovative, driven, single-minded, forward thinking.  More than anyone he has made me strive to work harder and make no excuses. Mind you he can be an awkward bugger at times!

Who are your angling heroes?

Numerous… Andy Little, Kevin Maddocks, Tim Paisley, Mike Wilson….loads!!!

Who is your biggest inspiration outside of angling?

KISS, they taught me to like what you like no matter what anyone else thinks. That if you work hard you can make the life you want.  My boyhood hero’s still are…

You have been associated with some big name companies through out your angling career. Which one did you enjoy working with the most and who helped you become a household name in the world of carp fishing?

Kevin Nash sorted me my first deal and we are still the best of friends. Nutrabaits have been kind to me. Kryston, Angling Publications, to be fair I think I have always given more to them than needed. Even people like ESP, Fox and Korda, who I am not a consultant for, I am friends with.

Kevin Maddocks approached me to do 6 videos based around the book. I did the script and we filmed them at 3-Lakes and Willow Park with Liam Dale. They were of their time and at the time ground-breaking.

I liked doing them as I did them on my own terms and I won’t do work on others’ terms hence I have done very little other TV/DVD work. Most are promotional tools. Will I do another one, or more? Not unless I can be honest to myself with them.

Do you set targets in your fishing, or is the thought of being bankside when you get the chance enough to feed the drug of carp fishing? 

One target and one target alone. Keep doing it on my own terms and enjoy it. I avoid negative people, waters and situations, hence I am always smiling.

And finally, below is a video catch-up with Julian from the 2014 Carpin-On show….

Once again many thanks for allowing me to conduct such an interesting interview.  It’s very much appreciated and I hope all reading this have enjoyed it just as much as I have.

Happy angling and tight lines!

Matthew Fleet, Carp Marathon Blog


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