Record Breaking Start To The Season

We welcomed the Miller brothers Jamie and Grieg for our season opener at Lillypool, both of the boys on their first trip to France. It hasn’t been ideal weather for the first few weeks of the season but after a walk of the lake we all felt confident of a few fish.

The guys both opened their account for the week on Sunday, each banking a new pb at 35lb. Fast forward to Tuesday and Greig was to increase his PB to 43lb 6oz with a fantastic looking mirror. The best was yet to come as the early hours of wednesday morning Greig was to increase his PB and break our lake record with his fantastic 50lb 5oz Common.

Wednesday afternoon and Jamie banked his first ever 30+ common at 34lb dead. Thursday morning and Jamie was also to join the 40 club with his new Pb of 41lb 5oz. The guys finished on Friday morning due to work commitments with 27 fish banked, 13 for Greig and 14 for Jamie. A fantastic start to the season on Lillypool.

Find out more about Lillypool here – French carp fishing

lillypool carp lake in France

43lb 6oz


lillypool carp lake in France

50lb 5oz


carp fishing in france lillypool

41lb 5oz


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