Stocking at Bletiere Carp Lake

Bletiere is in the process of adding to it’s fish stocks this winter, here’s owner John with the latest update…

Well we had a good stocking yesterday with another 24 carp and 4 grass carp in total.

A breakdown of the fish is;

7 x 30lbs
3 x 33lbs
5 x 35lbs
4 x 37lbs
2 x 39lbs
2 x 41lbs

and 4 grass carp at 37lbs,30,24,24lbs.

This now gives us a very good stocking level with over 40 carp over the 30lbs weight,and with a mild winter and good feeding they will soon pack on the weight.This now gives us over 107 carp in the lake and with a load of the silver fish gone it will give them a safe and good place to grow on quickly.

bletiere carp lake in france

bletiere carp lake in france

For more information on Bletiere follow the link – Carp Fishing in France with Accommodation


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