Stocking Update at Mas Bas – Two New Fifties and a Forty!

Spring seems to have finally sprung at Mas Bas.

The weather has been absolutely atrocious over the past couple of months. We have had rain virtually every day and Gilles has impatiently been waiting for the opportunity to drain down the main lake and remove all the surplus grass carp which have become more and more annoying to our anglers over the past 2 years.

Last year we had drought conditions and so couldn’t empty the lake as we weren’t certain it would fill back up ready for the season. It’s a very tricky situation which calls for patience from us and understanding for our anglers.

More importantly some additional larger carp had been ordered before winter and a delivery slot was eagerly awaited. We finally got news of their impending arrival and happily it coincided with a break in the weather which enabled us to take some nice photos.

These three beautiful mirrors from the fish farmer Frederic Delmares weighed in at 55lb5oz50lb9oz and 43lb3oz respectively. The biggest one unfortunately had some injuries to its tail during transport and so will prove to be highly identifiable when caught. Hopefully it will recover well and grace the nets of many of the anglers later this season.

Tight lines to all our anglers coming over this year… we look forward to seeing you.



55lb 5oz Mirror at Mas Bas Fishing Holidays

50lb 9oz

50lb 9oz Mirror at Mas Bas Fishing Holidays

50lb 9oz 

55lb 5oz at Mas Bas Fishing Holidays

55lb 5oz

43lb 3oz at Mas Bas Fishing Holidays

43lb 3oz

 Fishing Holidays at Mas Bas.


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