The Dartford Crossing

For many anglers crossing the QE2 Bridge at Dartford is an unavoidable part of their journey to France. From 30thNovember 2014 the way you pay the crossing charge will change when a new scheme called Dart Charge is introduced.  Dart Charge replaces cash payments at toll booths and the DART-Tag.

changes to dartford crossing

The Dartford Crossing

Instead of stopping at a barrier to pay the charge at a booth, drivers will need to pay remotely, away from the Crossing. There will be several ways to pay, including online, at one of many retail outlets including those with a Payzone  terminal, or by phone. If you forget to pay you have only until midnight the following day to pay a fine which I believe is £70. Ouch! This is of course very inconvenient if you are leaving for France that day and not returning for a week.

I’ve found the most convenient way is to open an account online and prepay.

You can top up your account manually or have it linked to your credit card. The minimum prepayment is £10. Registration number recognition cameras identify your car as you pass through and deduct the payment from your account. The charges have increased but there are reductions for account holders. You can register up to FIVE cars on your account, so all the guys who usually accompany me on my Angling Lines trips are already listed on my account

Ways to pay

The cheapest way to pay is using a pre pay account as described above. Alternatively you can make one-off payments in advance or by midnight the day after crossing:

  • online
  • over the phone by calling:0300 300 0120
  • via apayzone¬†retail outlet
  • by post (in advance only): Dart Charge Customer Services PO Box 842 Leeds LS1 9QF

The good news is you can expect a quick crossing without the usual delays.

Enjoy your trip
Cheers Ron Key


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