The Weather is Always Perfect for Something

Anglers being anglers we often find ourselves complaining about the weather. Be it too bright, too hot, too cold, too windy, too wet and so on. But, to be fair hot weather conditions might not be conducive to heavy feeding at the moment but they are absolutely perfect for taking full advantage of in two ways.


Perfect conditions to go and see with your own eyes what lives there…

First of all I am sure most of us have had our eye on a particular water and wondered if there were any decent fish in them. Well, in the sort of conditions we have at this moment in time things couldn’t be better for going and finding out. Carp in particular but it is also relevant to a lot of other species will spend huge amounts of time in the upper layers of the water in full view to those who put themselves out a little to actually go and have a look for them. Carp can’t help it, they love the sun on their backs and love to sunbathe and cruise around on the surface revealing themselves to the world at a time when most anglers are at home in the garden or perhaps down the pub enjoying a refreshing pint.

The fact of the matter though is just one walk in these hot and bright conditions can reveal so much about what lives in those sparsely stocked waters.

Similarly these low water river conditions couldn’t be any better for wandering along whilst you can see further and deeper into more water than you normally would be able to thus plot your swims for when the river rises and indeed for the winter when a lot of the fish will be sheltering from the full force of the current in areas that are actually on dry land at the minute for a lot of the areas of dry  bank at the moment will be areas you will be placing baits in flood water conditions.

Perfect to plot exactly where those main weed beds are.

Perfect to plot exactly where those main weed beds are.

Now is the perfect time to note where those weed beds start and end and the fish holding areas may be and more importantly where you will be able to present a rig without constantly getting snagged. Pick the brightest day and walk at mid day with the sun well above thus penetrating more water and revealing more of the underwater world. Simply arm yourself with a hat with a wide brim, a decent pair of polarised sunglasses, a bottle of something to drink and a note book. A camera can also come in handy for visualising what is under the water later in the year.

Happy plotting!

Best fishes
Shaun Harrison.

Courtesy of the Quest Baits Blog



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