Things to do for Non-Anglers – Local French Markets

For our non-fishing guests at Bletiere I supply a folder of things to do & this year I have added a list of brocantes (markets) in the local area.

The brocantes take place on a Sunday and last most of the day and they range from a small village to the bigger towns where all the roads are shut and the locals set out stalls to sell anything they no longer need… it’s a bit like the car boot sales in the UK.

They are a great way to pass a couple of hours while the fisherman back at Bletiere set up their gear. ¬†You never know, you might just find that valuable antique that’s been missed, but you’re sure to find some great local produce.

  • 16 March – Thorigne- sur- due
  • 24 Mmarch¬†–¬†Lamney
  • 31 March¬†–¬†Le luart
  • 7 April¬†–¬†La ferte Bernard
  • 28 April¬†–¬†Vibraye
  • 9 May¬†–¬†Thorigne-sur-due
  • 26 ¬†May¬†–¬†La ferte bernard
  • 2 ¬†June¬†–¬†Aveze
  • 30 June¬†–¬†Cherre
  • 20 ¬†July¬†–¬† La ferte bernard
  • 4 August¬†–¬†Greez sur roc
  • 15 September¬†–¬†La ferte bernard and saint ulphace.
  • 2 Oct¬†–¬†Greez sur roc
  • 20 Oct¬†–¬†Saint-jean-des-echellas
  • 17 ¬†November¬†-Vibraye

This is just a list of local ones & there are a lot more further afield.  If you fancy a morning out look on the map when you are coming over and see where the places are and I can always give directions.

Tight lines, John

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