Three Years at Bletiere

By Paul Fisher

We would like to express how much we have enjoyed our Carp fishing holidays at La Bletiere for the last three years.  The lake is set in such a lovely landscape with picturesque views, which is so peaceful and relaxing.

Bletiere, a 2 acre French carp fishing lake with lakeside accommodation

Our first trip was in July 2017 and was our first ever French Carp Fishing holiday and although Paul & Rhys had been carp fishing in England for many years, they didn’t know quite what to expect in France. We were blown away with how much John and Karen really helped Paul and Rhys with their knowledge of their lake and how to fish their lake. They gave lots of advice on their pegs, which baits had worked well, tackle to use and Johns special particle mix which was essential. John showed us which areas of the lake to fish.   

July 2017 Catch report

32lb Mirror New PB Paul

28lb Mirror

28lb Mirror

28lb Mirror

25lb 5oz Mirror

24lb 4oz Common

23lb 10oz Mirror

23lb 8oz Common

23lb 8oz Mirror

23lb Grass Carp

20lb Common

11 of the biggest of 18 Carp caught      

Total Weight Caught 325lb 2oz 

A new 42lb PB for Paul

Our Second Trips in April and August 2018

We couldn’t wait to return and see if Paul & Rhys could better there PB’s. Every carp that was caught were in an excellent & healthy condition and this is something that John & Karen are so passionate about. They take daily regular water samples and check the air pressure, and let us know about the fishing conditions. We have hired equipment from John so we don’t have to bring so much with us.

For non-anglers, Kim has found the tranquil setting so peaceful & relaxing to get away from the stress of busy lives. Kim enjoys reading on the patios and to watch Paul & Rhys catch fish. In the grounds there a trout stream and a woodland area to have a stroll round.  All you can hear is the birds & the carp jumping in the lake, you occasionally see deer in the woods. There is a nice walk into the local village Montmirail, with a few shops, and La Ferte Bernard is a historic town with a large lake with boating on the river. There is also some quaint shops and cafes to enjoy.

See April & August 2018 Catch reports.

April 2018                                                        August 2018

36lb 7oz Mirror New PB Paul                        35lb 6oz Common New PB Rhys

33lb Common                                                   30lb 2oz Mirror

32lb 10oz                                                          30lb 2oz Mirror

32lb Mirror                                                       30lb Grass Carp

31lb 8oz Mirror                                                 27lb 10oz Common

30lb 5oz Common                                             27lb 2oz Mirror

28lb 10oz Mirror                                               27lb Common

23lb 6oz Common                                             27lb Mirror

23lb 6oz Common                                             26lb 2oz Common

21lb Common                                                   26lb Mirror

10 of the biggest of 11 Carp caught                   24lb 7oz Common

Total Weight 270lb                                           23lb 7oz Common

                                                                        23lb Mirror

                                                                        13 of the biggest of 28 Carp caught

                                                                        Total Weight 460lb 3oz

The Gite has everything that you would want to enjoy your stay, with great views over the lake and countryside.  The two bedrooms have comfy beds and are light & airy. There is ceiling fan in the bedroom for hot nights in summer and a lovely log burner in the lounge for when it’s a bit chiller in the evenings at the start and end of the season. There is English programmes on the satellite TV, & DVDs and books to enjoy too.

The accommodation

Returned to La Bletiere in April & August 2019

This April John & Karen had strengthened the banks around the lake and in August they’ve dug a stock pond near to the lake. They are always maintaining and improving the lake and surroundings.

See April & August 2019 Catch reports.

April 2019                                                        August 2019

37lb 7oz Common New PB Paul                         42lb 4oz Common New PB Paul                        

37lb Mirror New PB Paul                                   38lb 2oz Mirror New PB Paul

35lb 2oz Common                                             35lb Common  

33lb Common                                                   31lb 4oz Common

32lb 8oz Common                                             31lb 2oz Mirror

32lb 7oz Common                                             31lb Mirror

32lb 6oz Mirror                                                 28lb 10oz Common

32lb 4oz Common                                             28lb 8oz Mirror                                    

32lb 2oz Mirror                                                 27lb 4oz Common

30lb 2oz Mirror                                                 27lb 4oz Common

29lb 2oz Common                                             27lb 2oz Mirror

29lb 2oz Mirror                                                 26lb Mirror

28lb 6oz Common                                             25lb Common

27lb 10oz Mirror                                               21lb 9oz Mirror

27lb 8oz Mirror                                                 14 of the biggest of Carp caught 33

27lb 4oz Common                                             Total Weight 587lb 4oz                                    

23lb 3oz Common

22lb 4oz Common                                            

20lb 8oz Common

19 of the biggest of Carp caught 37

Total Weight 725lb 4oz            

Highly Recommend the Food Package.

Every carp fishing holiday we’ve had John & Karen’s food package which is excellent.  John uses fresh produce some of the fruit & vegetables grown on their veg patch. John cooks fantastic meals and Karen does some amazing deserts.

Breakfasts are hot Bacon, Sausage Egg baguettes to suit us, and delivered in the Gite.

Evening Meals examples, we have enjoyed

Roast Pork & Trimmings
Pizza, Chilli, Shepherd’s Pie, Gammon
Beef Bourginon

All with either large salad, vegetables, new potatoes, chips etc.

Fabulous Deserts

Apple & Blackberry Crumble
Fruit Flan, Poached Pears in red wine, Chocolate Mousse
Cheese Board.

John is very accommodating with requests.

Each fishing holiday Paul & Rhys have learnt new tactics from John and have exceeded their expectations with the fantastic carp that they’ve caught. We look forward each week at the online catches, of the other anglers at La Bletiere.

Every time we leave, we count down the weeks till we return and see John & Karen again, and excited to see what fantastic carp we’re going to catch next year. 

Find out more about Bletiere here – Carp Fishing in France at Bletiere


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