#ThrowbackThursday – Rainbow Lake, 1998

August 1998, Rainbow Lake – Angling Lines boss David and (a much younger!) yours truly with a 45lb 12oz beauty.

We were lead to Rainbow after seeing Lac du Causse the year before, on our return in 1998 we discovered the Lac du Causse carp had been relocated to Lac du Curton (better known as Rainbow lake) and so we found ourselves there for the week.

16 years on and the memories still linger as indeed did the smell of home made special crab boilies throughout my childhood!

Rainbow Lake France, 1998

Rainbow Lake, 1998


One thought on “#ThrowbackThursday – Rainbow Lake, 1998

  1. Shaun Harrison says:

    Great memories, I remember feeling just a tad envious each time your Father came into the shop to stock up with tackle telling me how many weeks he was popping over to France for. Great that it could be done as a whole family affair 🙂

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