Tips For Targeting ‘Arnold’ at Villefond

After a really long spawning here at Villefond this year our fish are unusually really down in weight with some of the big girls 10-11lb down. They are now feeding like mad trying to pack the weight on and get to their normal weights before winter!

Most of our 50lb+ fish are down in the mid forty pound range except for a massive male who goes by the name of Arnold. Arnold never drops more than a few pounds during spawning so at such times he is the fish most people want to target.

big 56lb carp at Villefond french carp lake

Last week at 56lb 4oz

Just this week Arnold has come out again at a massive 56lb and I decided to write a quick note regarding what I have noticed about Arnold that can help future anglers target this monster in a lake full of them.

1) Arnold favours a particular side of the lake, even from stocking as a young fish, he is always caught on the side of the lake as you first approach Villefond, swims 1-4. Only once has Arnold been caught on the other side of the lake and that was during spawning when his normal routine was broken and he would have been chasing the girls around.

2) Arnold favours a particular food. Despite the house plum boilies being the most popular by far and accounting for most of the big fish during the year, both times this year Arnold has been caught it was on the – not as often used – house Creamy boilie.

I hope this helps anyone looking to target this beast of a fish and happy hunting.

For more information on Villefond follow the link – Carp Fishing in France

31lb common carp out of Villefond Carp Lake in France

Another carp from last week, a common weighing in at 31lb


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