Tips on Fishing Blue Lake, a 15 acre Gravel Pit

Paul was recently asked to advise an angler on fishing Blue Lake. We thought it’d be a good idea to stick it up here too and share the knowledge…


I have been asked to give you some advice on Blue Lake by the Angling Lines team. I have fished the lake on 2 occasions, the 1st prior to stocking and the second after stocking. I will try to answer your questions as best I can.

On arrival at the lake, try and spend some time watching the water as the fish do show themselves. Where they show is the area that you need to get into. Swim 10 is a very good swim, deep margins and is around 12 feet deep at around 45 yards. There is no need to fish any farther out than this in swim 10, and it does produce a lot of carp. 

Another good swim is swim 7 fished at about 90 yards in line with swim 1 on the far bank. 

Swim 2 also controls a lot of water however there is a steep graveled slope down to the water and you will need a mallet to hammer in tent pegs. 40 yards out from this bank is a sunken island that is just below the surface and runs parallel with the bank. A good point to fish is to the right of this sunken island on its drop off.

Swims 3 and 4 are at the top end of the lake and can be excellent holding areas for basking and feeding carp. Watch the bays, if the fish move in, follow them, I did and caught 17 carp over a 24 hour period. Light lead and short casts was the answer. Watch the video that I made on fishing the shallows at Blue Lake here.

Carp Fishing in France at Blue Lake

A 26lb 14oz mirror from our 2012 trip

As for rigs, I would use the blow back rig for bottom baits and the Ultimate pop up rig for pop ups.

During the month of August the crayfish could be active so be prepared for them. Again I put a video together when I fished Boux on how to defend against the little critters. You can watch it here. Meshing or plastic boilies work well. Take a few tigers just in case. 

As for bait, I would not use any particle or pellet as they do tend to draw the attention of sturgeon. Use boilies only. When Jim Kelly last fished Blue Lake I got through over 35 kilo of Quality Baits HG42 and HG47. Both are excellent baits and just keep producing the fish for us. Any of these two would be my choice or the Quality Baits Patshull Park in Squid and Orange. Take what you feel confident in, mine is the baits that I have just mentioned. All the Quality baits boilies are made fresh and to order and are not sitting around in a freezer or on a shelf.

I am off to test another lake in France in the morning so if there are any further questions that you need answering I will be back on line on the 18th May.

All the Best
Paul Cooper

If you’re heading out to Blue lake and have any specific questions you’d like to ask Paul you can email him at [email protected]

Carp Fishing in France at Blue Lake



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