Lillypool gets additional carp

Here’s the short video clip of the recent additional stocking at Lillypool.

To recap; on 18th December 2009 a further 55 carp were stocked.  Six of the fish were just under 20lbs with the rest ranging from 20 to 30lb, the average weight being 24lb 10oz, and the biggest being 29lb 5oz with two lovely commons of 28lb 12oz and 28lb.


One thought on “Lillypool gets additional carp

  1. jay bailiff says:

    following the stocking’s at lillypool ,I personally was unsure as to what to expect from the lake and it’s visiters.We have all been very pleased with the results so far,with all fish putting on weight some more than afew pounds.Fishing slowed alittle due to two spawnings and a bonkers 37 degrees.The weather has now cooled,and i fully expect the fish to go on the munch.A lot of the 30’s have been reluctent to show of late,but i won’t be surprised to see another one out,having touched the magical 40lb.Quest bait over pellet is still producing the goods, with chilli choc and rhaja spice being favourites.I would like to thank everyone who has fished and shared,sometimes more than afew beers with and laughs with me at lillypool tightlines jason and little bailiff

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