Villefond May Review

Finger Painting @ 39lb

Wow the weather in May at Villefond has been a little crazy the torrential rain of April carried over to the start of the month and was quickly replaced almost over night with really high temperatures. The inevitable effect of this was that the fish turned there attention away from feeding and into breeding and the last 3 weeks of May have seen the fish spawning heavily.

Despite this May has seen a lot of fish on the bank to those anglers who have stayed with it and made the necessary changes (the best thing I can advice when the fishing is tough is ask mark or john for advice they are at the lake day in day out and know what is working and are always happy to help) these fish have included 5 fish topping the 40lb mark for the first time as well as countless known 40’s. Also the mighty Bennett’s has graced the bank again looking as huge as ever.

One of my favourite things at this time of year is that the place is alive with wildlife. The margins move every time you get close as frogs leap left right and centre, the surrounding bushes are alive with lizards, Buzzards soar in the sky’s above it is just a great place to be.

Fish of the month

There have been a lot of special fish to choose from including as I have mentioned 5 fish topping the 40lb mark for the first time and a lot of the big known fish including Bennett’s and rose. But for me this month came down to two fish that didn’t quite top the 40lb mark. Until the last few days of the month Son of Max would have been my choice for fish of the month but in those last few days a rare visitor to the bank was caught the stunning Finger Painting.

Carp Fishing in France

The finger paintings last visit to the bank in 2010

The Finger painting is named after the unique scale pattern at the tail end of its right flank that looks like a child’s finger painting. It really is one of the lakes real stunners and a rare one to the bank having not been caught since 2010. On this capture she was looking a little empty after spawning but still tipped the scales over 39lb. Even with her drawn out appearance she still looked as stunning as ever congratulations to Dave on this capture.

This is by no means an easy fish to try and target as she is very rarely caught and on the occasions she has been there has been no pattern, with each capture coming at different times of year from different swims. So those of you who want to catch her good luck.

I have included a pic of her last capture as well as of this capture so you can really see her in all her glory….

Carp Fishing in France


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