Water Monitor Installed at Notaires

I have seen from the forums that there is a great deal of interest in the environmental conditions at the various carp lakes.

Notaires Carp Lake water temperatures

Raspberry Pi and circuit board

I am pleased to announce that Notaires Lakes now has live online monitoring which can be seen here. The system is based around the famous Raspberry Pi “computer on a credit card”. We have sensors for air and water temperature, air pressure and humidity.

One sensor is in the swimming pool (for interest, although it’s also providing a reference point) and two are in the lake margin under the willows; one just under the surface and the other about a foot deep. With the sensors shaded by the willows they should be unaffected by direct sunlight and are in the current of water flowing out of the lake spillway.

Notaires Carp Lake water temperatures

Water Temperatures

Even with the only two days of “in water” data, the trends are fascinating. The variation in temperature between day and night is 3 degrees. The other particularly useful sensor is the atmospheric pressure sensor, or barometer. Guests can check the current trend, rising or falling each day, and adjust tactics accordingly.

One guest recently emailed me to ask what the weather was doing that day. Well, now you can check online for yourself in an instant!

Chris and Steph Dagg, Owners at Notaires
For more information on the lake follow the link – Fishing Holidays


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