What a Start at Laroussi – 58lb & 67lb Mirror Carp!


Steve’s 26lb winter common


Huge congratulations to Steve Knight! He was the last angler on both Laroussi and Old Oaks & caught the last carp of the 2012 season (mid December).

Steve, loving the challenge, came back early February 2013 on Laroussi to try to seduce the first carp of the year and he did it with a lovely 26lb common.  Braving the horrible weather nights and days and fishing in a water at only 4°C during several weeks proves the determination of Steve.

Second angler of the year on Laroussi is actually fishing right now… Mr Naylor, alias Mr Sixty, is back !

Within 24hrs, fishing in a water at 4°C,  -4°C air temp and snowing, he showed us again his skill by catching a superb 58lb mirror!

But Wayne wants more…

Last night, he landed his second carp at 67lb!

A new PB for Mr Sixty!

Congratulations, that’s awesome… and still another 5 days to go!

More details and photos to follow.

Carp fishing in France at Laroussi


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